Education - Graduate

The graduate programs in education offer New York state teacher and administrative leadership certification. A Master of Science in Education in general professional education is also available for those interested in educating adults and children in non-certification positions in health care, nonprofit organizations and community education programs, to name a few.

Professors are experienced public and private school teachers and bring real-world case studies to the classroom to help students prepare for their pre-service teaching experiences.

Current Education StudentsHands-on practice provides students with real-world teaching experience and a foundation upon which to build a practical knowledge base, more effective teaching strategies and leadership skills. Le Moyne’s pre-service teachers are placed in rural, urban and suburban school settings and introduced to children with different educational needs. Students are paired with their cooperating teachers the semester before their student teaching allowing for relationship building. It also allows them to develop and agree upon expectations of the pre-service teaching experience. Weekly supervision and support is provided by the Department of Education to ensure an effective student teaching experience. In addition to the formal teaching setting, students have the opportunity to work in high-poverty urban and rural school settings as tutors and mentors.

Forms and ResourcesInitiatives and projects have been forged with external community groups and schools to offer students and Department of Education faculty a greater application of effective teaching skills, service and leadership. The department sponsors in-service teacher training at state, parochial and private school systems; science and math institutes to help local teachers learn new content and teaching strategies; and volunteer work aiding nonprofit organizations through training.

Teaching, scholarship and service serve as the foundation for the Department of Education’s mission. They allow the department to reach its goal of producing graduates who will make a difference in the lives of the many students they will teach.

Spring 2014 Newsletter Now Available

The Education Department is very grateful to our students, faculty, adjunct faculty, staff and administration for their role in the many successful initiatives we had this past year. We have highlighted many of these in our spring 2014 newsletter articles.  Download the newsletter (pdf)