We Invite You To Get


 We would like you to join us on our journey each year as we encourage and facilitate the dreams and work of our students. There are many opportunities to be had within the Department of Visual and Performing Arts ranging from paid work- study opportunities to student leadership positions, as well as volunteer opportunities and many more!


Work-Study and Volunteer Opportunities

Each year the visual and performing arts department hires new and returning students to help build sets, run the box office, hold weekly meetings, and generally assist in running operations around the building. Student will learn important skills and have fun doing it. However you do not have to be a work-study( or a theatre major!) to participate in these opportunities! Students are welcome to partake in these opportunities at any time! if you're looking for more information about work-study opportunities, please feel free to email us at: pac@lemoyne.edu


Student Leadership

There are many ways in which students can choose to be leaders at the Performing Arts Center. Each spring semester, student leaders of the current year work together with department Faculty and Staff to choose new leaders for the following year. These positions range from Executive Director of a club to Marketing and Front of House positions, as well as many others. Each of these positions are key opportunities for students to gain practical experience while participating in club and department activities and events. 

Clubs and Organizations 


Boot and Buskin is the oldest theatre group on campus. Founded in 1949, Boot and Buskin has been the primary vehicle for student theatrical activity for over sixty years. Boot and Buskin productions are faculty directed and professionally designed. Participation is open to all students, regardless of their major or minor. There are three main stage productions each term. A student staff of 10-12 provides management and technical support to these shows as well as for other events in the performing arts center.


Students who were interested in producing their own theatrical season founded Major Arcana in 1984 and the group has been flourishing ever since. All Major Arcana productions are directed and designed by students from a variety of majors. Typically they produce two or three shows per semester as well as sponsoring an assortment of other creative events and workshops. From student-authored works to contemporary classics, pretty much all genres get represented here, with a tilt towards the comic and modern.  


Students seeking on-campus opportunities in dance and performance organized the Le Moyne Student Dance Company in 1995. The group presents a main stage concert at the end of each semester representing styles from tap, jazz, to ballet, to modern with pieces choreographed by students and local dance instructors. Participation is open to students in all majors following auditions. 


The Dolphin Steppers use various creative mediums, including step routines, to help bring about a greater understanding and appreciation for diversity on campus and the surrounding community. The theme of the Dolphin Steppers is Unity through Diversity. They consider themselves educators as well as performers and welcome participation from all interested students.