Katelyn '13

Majoring in economics and mathematics, minoring in accounting and business administration.
From Central New York

Internship Experience

During summer 2012, Katelyn worked at AXA Equitable on a "Business Glossary Project" using software developed by IBM to build a common repository of all business terms used within the company. This database is now being utilized to improve efficiency at AXA.

Interesting Aspect

"Several other interns and I made a presentation to AXA's chief information officer about how to improve training and professional development within the company's IT Department. Though hundreds of thousands of dollars are budgeted each year for these initiatives, company officials had no way of measuring whether this money was being spent effectively. With input from people in several departments, we developed ways both to improve participation in these programs and track their impact on employee retention."

What Did You Enjoy About This?

"My supervisors allowed me to work independently, and I was treated as a professional. In fact, people began coming to me with questions, which was a great feeling. Beyond that, the project I worked on was pretty cool!"

How did Le Moyne Prepare You?

"Because of what I'd already learned in the classroom, I was able to shed light onto some economic issues when the other interns and I tackled our project. Also, some of the IT employees at AXA work directly with the actuaries, so my actuarial background was a great asset."


In her spare time, Katelyn races in the Dirt Sportsman category at Fulton Speedway.