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Important Notice on Threat to iPhone and iPad Devices

Information Technology has learned of a new threat to iPhone and iPad devices. The malicious code is designed to trigger the “Find My iPhone(iPad)” feature on your Apple device. Once this feature is activated, the attack disables the device by putting it in locked mode. Hackers then demand a ransom to unlock the device, as displayed here.

What Should I Do?

  1. IT recommends that all iPhone/iPad users immediately backup their devices on iCloud. You should also save the content from your device to the cloud in case you need to restore your device. Fortunately, this is a simple process to complete:
    • Go to Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup and select Back Up Now.
    • You can also physically sync your device to a PC/MAC and back it up to iTunes.
  2. Change Your Apple ID password to a unique password that you do not use on multiple Apple services.
  3. Use a PIN on your device (4 digit code)
  4. Enable 2 factor authentication with your Apple ID account. This will require a two-step verification when any attempt is made to login to your Apple account from a web browser or device. (Learn more about this process from Apple)

What If My Device Gets Infected?

If your device becomes infected, it will most likely need to be restored by either contacting Apple Care or taking it to a local Apple store. You can also complete the recovery process by following the steps outlined in Apple’s “Forgot Passcode or device disable.” The success of a full restoration will depend upon the freshness of the backup files being restored.

For more specific details regarding this threat, please visit this site. If you need assistance or have questions, contact the IT Service Desk at servicedesk@lemoyne.edu, by phone at ext. 4579, or via the Service Desk Portal at http://servicedesk.lemoyne.edu


Dolphin or Dolphin-Secure?

The recently upgraded campus wireless network provided Information Technology with the opportunity to create a new “secure” (Service Set Identifier) network called Dolphin-Secure. The traditional Dolphin WiFi, created when wireless was first introduced to the campus, allowed a simple wireless connection to the internet. It was not considered a secure network and as a security feature required users to sign in frequently to stay on the network. Dolphin-Secure was created to provide a secure wireless network to which all Le Moyne students and staff could connect their personally owned computing and communication devices. If properly set up, you need only to sign a device into Dolphin-Secure once.

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Color Printing Now Available in the Library

Information Technology is pleased to announce that color laser printing in the Noreen Reale Falcone Library is now available! Students can print to the new printer from all public computers in the library cluster (near the IT Service Desk), the library classroom and the library workstations (near the Circulation Desk). Students working from their personal devices will be able to print to the new printer via wireless MyPrint (https://myprint.lemoyne.edu) .

The printer is located across from the Service Desk and can be selected by choosing the printer LIB-HP500M551DN (Library Public Color Printer) from the print menu.


Student Positions in IT available

Information Technology is especially looking for individuals who have or are eager to develop:

- Excellent customer service skills.

- Outstanding verbal and written communications skills.

- Knowledge of Windows and Mac operating systems, common software packages including Microsoft Office, and common hardware and peripherals.

Student Technology Consultant Application



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