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"Multiple Bottom Lines: Life Lessons from 100 Years of Business Experience" Madden Lecture for Spring 2014

On Wednesday, April 30 at 6 p.m. , the 2014 spring semester Madden School of Business lecture -- "Mulitple Bottom Lines: Life Lessons from 100 Years of Business Experience" -- will feature roommates, classmates and life-long friends, Bruce Zicari and Russell Dalba, who left the Heights in 1967 armed with business degrees – and big plans. The talk is free and will take place in Grewen Auditorium on the Le Moyne campus.

Looking back on nearly a century of experience between them, Zicari and Dalba will relate how their time at Le Moyne prepared them to weather the highs and lows as they succeeded and failed – but never gave up. For both, success was about more than profits – doing the right thing for your employees, making the ethical decision even if it might hurt earnings and developing relationships built on trust were also how they measured their bottom lines.

Zicari is chairman and CEO of the Cheeburger Cheeburger Restaurants chain, which operates 54 locations across the U.S. An accountant, he began his career in a family-owned CPA firm and has been a partner in a number of other business ventures. Dalba is president of two companies: ExamOne Atlanta, which provides paramedical exams, lab testing and other services for insurance companies and agencies, and; Quick-Med in Alphretta, Ga., which specializes in all types of DNA and paternity tests. Previously he worked in executive recruiting industry and also for a national hair care franchise.

posted on: 4/23/2014