What is life like at Le Moyne?

Simply put, life at Le Moyne is whatever you want to make of it.

From what you choose to study to the extracurricular activities you select to the type of residence hall you’ll call home, it’s really up to you.

Would you like to spend a semester abroad working as an intern for the Irish Parliament? Have you always wanted to conduct research in the field of chemistry? Do you want to reach out to others by spending a semester break volunteering at a soup kitchen in Philadelphia? Le Moyne students have done all of these things … and more. You choose the challenge. We’ll provide you with the opportunity to meet it.

Whatever path you choose to follow at Le Moyne, you’ll be surrounded by faculty and classmates who will have an opportunity to learn about you in a beautiful residential setting in a terrific city that has a lot to offer in its own right.

At Le Moyne a single day may include a philosophy and calculus class in the morning, a lacrosse game in the afternoon and a performance at the W. Carroll Coyne Center for the Performing Arts in the evening. It’s really your call!