Office of Campus Life and Leadership

Please note that completing this request for Extended Stay/Early Arrival for does not imply approval to remain on campus or to return to campus early.  Each request will be reviewed individually and students will be contacted by Campus Life and Leadership via phone or email.

International students, athletes, and other students with special permission will be permitted to return to campus prior to the specified opening of the residence halls. By submitting this addendum, students acknowledge that they will be responsible for their actions while on campus. Without limiting the preceding sentence, students will be responsible for any damage to College property on the same basis as is provided in the Student Housing Contract applicable to their occupancy of College housing during the academic year.

Students who choose to occupy College housing prior to the opening of the residence halls are cautioned that Campus Life and Leadership staff will not be on duty during this time, and that risks of personal or bodily injury and property damage or theft may therefore be greater than during the academic year. Students submitting this form voluntarily assume these risks, whether or not presently foreseeable, and whether or not caused by the negligent acts or omissions of Le Moyne College or others. In the event of an emergency, Security should be notified at X 4444.

All policies in the Le Moyne College Student Handbook are in effect during a student’s early occupancy of College housing. Since there will be no Campus Life and Leadership staff on duty, students WILL NOT be permitted to host any guests/visitors during this time. In addition, students cannot allow anyone without permission to move into or reside in the residence halls (including apartments and townhouses). Students found to be in violation of these requirements or any other applicable policy will be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, immediate removal from the residence halls.

Submission of the form does NOT mean that you have been approved to stay on campus.  Students who are NOT approved will receive an email to let them know that they should make other arrangements, all others will not receive any further email.