Office of Campus Life and Leadership


2014-2015 Meal Plan Information

Munch Money

There is an opportunity to buy "munch money" from the Dining Service Office for those who would like additional funds.  This money can be used in the La Casse Dining Center, The Dolphin Den, C-Store, and Kaffe Nuvo.  Additional "munch money" may be added at any time to any student's meal plan through the Dining Services Office.


Available to non-resident students and residents of Le Moyne Heights, Le Moyne View, & Townhouses only

The following meal plans must be purchased from the Dining Service Office in the back of the La Casse Dining Center:

  • Any 60 meals - Any 60 meals + $200 munch money per year at a rate of TBA
  • Any 30 meals - Any 30 meals + $200 munch money per year at a rate of TBA

 Meal Plan Terms & Conditions

By selecting a meal plan, I understand and agree to all of the terms and conditions listed in the Le Moyne College Food Services Contract and to any subsequent revisions authorized by the College.  I understand that if I am under 18 years of age this agreement must be signed by my parent or legal guardian as guarantor who will then, as guarantor, be fully liable for the performance of each and every obligation under this Agreement.

If I wish to change my meal plan, I must go to the Campus Life and Leadership Office within one week of the beginning of the Fall and Spring Semesters.  No changes will be made after those times.  Meal plan changes MUST be made in person in the Campus Life and Leadership Office and cannot be made through the Bursar's Office.  In order to be entitled to meals, I must present my I.D. card each time I enter the College's Food Service facilities.  Under no circumstances will I use any other  I.D. card except my own I.D. card in order to obtain meals.  Lost or Stolen I.D. cards should be reported to the Campus Life and Leadership Office as soon as possible.  There is no reimbursement for meals lost because your I.D. card has been lost or stolen.

I agree to pay 50% of the total meal plan charges prior to the beginning of the Fall Semester (first semester) and the remaining 50% prior to the beginning of the Spring Semester (second semester), at the places and dates established by the College for such payments.

I also agree that the meal plan I have selected is for my use only and I am not permitted to transfer any portion of it to any other person.

 Meal Plan Options

    Meal Plan


    Munch Money

    Guest Passes Cost
    Carte Blanche Gold Unlimited $320 ($160/sem) 6  
    Carte Blanche Unlimited $120 ($60/sem) 6  
    16 Meals Gold 16 $400 ($200/sem) 6  

    16 Meals/wk.

    16 $200 ($100/sem) 6  
    12 Meals Gold 12 $350 ($175/sem) 0  
    12 Meals/wk. 12 $150 ($75/sem) 0  
    8 Meals Gold 8 $300 ($150/sem) 0  
    8 Meals/wk. 8 $100 ($50/sem) 0