Academic Department Internships

Most academic departments (e.g. Business Administration, History, Sociology etc..) have formal, academic internship programs for students majoring in that discipline. These types of internships are semester-long, consist of a workplace experience with a formal learning program, and are college credit bearing. Students typically do these during their junior or senior years. Students usually earn three credit hours for an internship though sometimes they are done for as little as one credit or as many as 12 credits. Academic internships generally involve 10 to 15 hours a week for a total of 126 to 130 work-site hours for three credit hours. Each department has a faculty member who coordinates the departmental internship program. (See the list below.) Check with the faculty coordinator of your academic major department for further details.

Some frequently asked questions are….

How do I get an internship?

There are essentially two different ways that students get internships for academic credit. The first is through referrals or leads supplied by an internship program. Most academic department internship coordinators can supply you with one or more leads. Another possibility is to find an internship setting independent of any College leads. You then need to meet with the internship faculty coordinator to discuss what you have found and get his/her approval to use it as part of a formal internship.  Actually a less common third way is through an external academic internship program such as the Washington Center Program.  If you still have questions or feel you need help pursuing an internship, you can make an appointment with an advisor in the Career Services Office.

Are academic credit internships paid?

Usually they are unpaid. Pay is not prohibited but academic internships, particularly those where the department has students rotating on a semester basis, are unpaid.

Do I have to do coursework for the internship credit?

If you are earning academic credit and registered for an internship course ( BUS 490, SOC 490, etc..) then there will be some course requirements. Class meeting frequency and course assignments vary by department.

Where are these internships located?

Most department facilitated academic internships are local, in the greater Syracuse area. Independent Internships or other internships programs such as the Washington Center program make internships anywhere in the U.S and oversees a possibility!

How can I find out more?

Check with the faculty member who coordinates internship for your academic department. See the list below.

Department Name & Email Telephone  
Accounting** See Career Services (315) 445-4185  
Business Administration Dr. George Kulick (315) 445-4280  
Biology Dr. Lawrence Tanner
(315) 445-4537  

Dr. Michael Masingale

(315) 445-4359  
Economics Dr. Harjit Arora (315) 445-4235  
Communications Ms. Leslie Streissguth (315) 445-5468  
History Dr. Edward Judge (315) 445-4472  
Mathematics Jonathan Needleman (315) 445-4371  
M.I.S. Dr. Martha Grabowski (315) 445-4427  
Physics Dr. David Craig (315) 445-4359  
Political Science Dr. Bruce Shefrin (315) 445-4496  
Psychology Ms. Michelle Vinciquerra (315) 445-4138  
Sociology Dr. Frank Ridzi (315) 445-4480  

**The Accounting Department does not offer academic internships. Rather all experiences in the accounting area are work experiences and are paid.