Making Off-Campus Calls


Each campus extension is programmed with a restriction class to allow or disallow certain calls from being made. This is why some phones may only make station to station calls on campus, while others are allowed local and/or long distance calling. Extension restriction classes are generally determined by the needs of the personnel using the telephone and may be adjusted accordingly.
Local Calls
To make local calls, simply dial 2 and wait for a second dial tone. Then dial the local number as you would normally. A fast busy tone will be heard if you do not have the proper restriction class or do not wait for the second dial tone. Some calls made from the campus within the Syracuse 315 area code are designated as regional toll calls (long distance) which requires the calls to be dialed as long distance calls, using the 315 area code. For example calls made to the cities of Auburn, Oswego, and Watertown are long distance call even though they are within the Syracuse 315 area code. While simply dialing a 1 was sufficient in the past, the new rules require dialing 1 + 315 followed by the number.
Long Distance Calls
To make long distance calls, dial 2 and wait for the second dial tone, then dial the number as you would normally including a 1 for direct dialing or a 0 for operator assistance. A fast busy tone will be heard if you do not have the proper class of service to allow long distance calls to be made. Should you hear an interruption tone after dialing the long distance number, simply enter the authorization code. Authorization codes are assigned to each of the departments/offices and provided to Department Chairs and Office Directors, by request, for dissemination to their faculty and staff members. Every effort should be made to keep these authorization codes secure and guarded from open view. Requests can be directed to the Technology Service Desk at X4579.
Calling the Telephone Company Operator
If you are in need of contacting the telephone company operator for special services, dial 2-0-0. Please note, that at the Colleges request, the telephone company operator will not allow any call to be charged back to the College.