Voice Mail

In order to improve communication on campus, a voice mail system is utilized to provide answering service during non-business hours and when individuals are away from their desks. Most administrative offices and faculty have voice mail accounts. Those who do not may contact the Technology Service Desk and request a voice mailbox. The information below is a useful guide to assist in setting up a voice mailbox. Also included are some common commands when using the system.
(Note: The following steps should be executed while using your own telephone)
Step 1. Configuring your mailbox :
a. Pick up your handset.
b. Dial 6060 to call the voice mail system.
c. Follow the steps in the voice mail tutorial. The system will guide you through the process.
d. When asked for your temporary passcode, enter the numbers 1-2-3-4
e. You will then be asked to enter a new passcode. The new passcode must be between 4 and 15 digits long and cannot be a sequential number or your extension number.
f. Record your name and a personal greeting when instructed.
g. That's all there is to it! You're ready to start receiving messages.
Step 2. Tell the phone system to send your calls to voice mail when unanswered:
a. Pick up your handset.
b. Dialing *2 6060. Hear solid confirmation tone (if no tone is heard, hang up, pick up
your handset and dial #2, hang up again, and repeat this step from the beginning)
c. After solid tone is heard, hang up. Your voice mail is properly set to receive
unanswered calls.
New Message Notification Signals
If you have a telephone with a message waiting light, the light will turn on when a new message is waiting for you. Regardless of the type of telephone you have, you will hear a "stuttered" dial tone when you pick up your handset if a new message is waiting for you.
Accessing Your Mailbox
a. To call your mailbox from your own phone, pick up the handset and dial 6060.
b. To call your mailbox from another phone on campus, dial 6060, press * when the system answers, and enter your mailbox number.
c. To call your mailbox from a phone off campus, dial 445-6060, press # when the system answers,
and enter your mailbox number.
Listening to Messages
New messages will always play first followed by saved (archived) messages. If new messages are not listened to within 14 days, they are automatically deleted. Archived messages are automatically deleted after 60 days.
While listening to a message you may press:
1 Back up a few seconds in the message playback
11 Back up to the beginning of a message
2 Pause or resume listening to a message
3 Jump forward a few seconds in the message
33 Jump to the end of a message
4 Play the message slower
5 Hear when the message was left
6 Play the message faster
8 Play the message at normal volume and speed
9 Play the message louder
# Skip the message
* Cancel listening to messages and return to menu
At the end of a message you may press:
4 Replay a message
7 Erase a message
8 Reply to a message (from an on?campus caller with voice mail)
9 Save a message in the archive bin

Useful Hints:
To delete an unwanted message while listening to it, press 3-3-7
To skip a message and listen to it later, press #
You may change your various parts of your mailbox setup by entering special commands. The most common are (at the main menu):
4-2-1-1-1 Change your password
4-3-1-2-1 Change your greeting
4-3-3 Change your recorded name