Welcome to Le Moyne College

Telephone & Voice Mail Services on Campus

Telephone and voice mail service are not provided in any of the student room with the exception of Resident Advisor rooms. Telephony services are available via cable TV modem by contacting Time Warner at 315-634-6000.  

Cellular Telephones

Students on campus are encouraged to bring and use personal cellular telephones to keep in contact with family and friends. Cellular telephones are very popular on all college campuses and have become a very affordable communications device to keep in immediate contact with parents, friends, and relatives. Students attending classes are cautioned that cellular telephones can be very disruptive and are normally restricted in the classroom environment.

A cellular distributed antenna system is present within the majority of the campus residence halls and college office buildings providing enhanced cellular voice and 4G data services. This system is essential because of the large volume of cell phone use among students, faculty and staff, and other factors including the college’s geographical location. Please note that this system was installed and is continually maintained by Verizon Wireless. It does not accommodate other cellular networks.    

Cable TV Services

 Basic cable TV is provided to each resident room for the student's enjoyment and entertainment. The channel lineup consists of basic and standard cable TV service as provided by Time Warner of Central New York.  Additional cable TV services, such as digital cable, premium channels, and pay per view channels are available through Time Warner Cable at promotional rates to Le Moyne College residents. Time Warner may be contacted at 315-634-6000.

What to bring for Cable service?

A cable ready TV with remote, set up instructions and a long (12 -15 ft.) coax cable to connect between the jack and the TV set. A long cable is essential to allow freedom to move the TV set throughout the room. The coax cable must of good quality (shielded if possible), free of defects, with good end connectors. Poor quality cables (even when purchased new) have been attributed to poor picture quality and distortion. Cable ready TV instructions are important since you may need to re-program the TV through the menu setup. Previous setup features may have been lost when the TV was unplugged from its original power source. Students may also prefer to bring VCR's, DVD's, and/or game stations to add to their TV. Again, good quality coax or patch cords are essential along with setup documentation. It is not recommended that all these devices be connected at once, since they may cause signal loss which could lead to poor picture quality. Time Warner strives to provide quality cable TV service to the jack located in the room. Responsibility for proper connection of cables, TV's, VCR's, DVD's and game stations, including the programming of these devices to insure adequate picture quality is relied upon by the students. Lastly, it is strongly encouraged for any electrical device (TV devices, stereos, computers, etc.) that the student provides and utilizes a power strip with a well rated surge protector.

Data Services

Each of the student rooms is equipped with a wired data connection via the orange colored wall jack. Generally, there is a data jack for each student within the room. There are some exceptions within larger rooms used to house more than two students. In such situations, students may be required to share a data jack. Students are required to provide their own quality Ethernet patch cord, of adequate length, to accommodate the setup within their room. In addition, wireless data service is also available in each of the residence halls and buildings throughout the campus. The campus wireless system is a private network and requires authentication to access. Students are provided with information, prior to their arrival on campus regarding network policies, the registration process and authentication to connect their PC’s/MAC’s and/or other gaming devices.

Trouble with Technology Services?

If you should run into any trouble or need further instructions about your network connection (wired or wireless) or cable TV, the Technology Service Desk can assist you. All technology trouble related issues should be directed to the Technology Service Desk at Ext. 4579. The Technology Service Desk is staffed with skilled students and administrative personnel to assist resident students in resolving connection problems or other technology related issue they may be experiencing.  During move-in days at the beginning of the fall semester, Technology Consultants make themselves available by consistently wandering around the residence halls assisting with questions, etc.. Please feel free to contact the Technology Service Desk should you have any questions or concerns about campus technology.