Welcome to Information Technology

Online Services


(http://gmail.lemoyne.edu) - Le Moyne uses Gmail for faculty/staff e-mail for most communications. Gmail offers 7,500MB of e-mail storage, contact management, instant messaging, both individual and collective calendaring, archiving of messages, and task management. You can use either Outlook on any College-owned machine to access your mail and calendar or the web-based Gmail application.


(http://canvas.lemoyne.edu) - Canvas is the College’s Learning Management system. It is used by faculty to make course materials such as readings, assignments, and lecture notes available via the internet. Faculty can also post individual assignment grades for student access, collect homework, conduct online discussions, give electronic quizzes and more via Canvas.


(http://webadvisor.lemoyne.edu) - A web based software package that provides students, faculty and staff access to an easy to use interface for the College’s Administrative systems. Students can use the interface to access semester grades, register for courses, make changes to course registrations and to access informal copies of their academic transcripts. Faculty use this package to enter semester grades and to access up-to-date course rosters for their course sections.


(http://echo.lemoyne.edu) - Echo is the Start up page for all College-owned computer web browsers. Echo provides both public and private (authenticated) information about all aspects of the College. Users can access a complete calendar of events on campus, news and achievements by members of the Le Moyne community, a complete directory of students, faculty and staff, Links to important college web sites, and much more when they log into the echo system. Echo also provides a mechanism for users to reset their campus account passwords remotely.

Personal Web Space:

(http://web.lemoyne.edu) - Le Moyne College faculty, staff and students are encouraged to create a personal web site and is given space to host a site on the college network. To begin creating a site, look for a folder called "www" on your H: drive (or Home drive) on Redwood after you log onto the network. You can drag and drop files directly into this folder or can upload files using NetStorage if you are off campus. The address of your personal web space is http://web.lemoyne.edu/~username (where username represents your Novell login to the campus network)


The Datatel system houses information on students, faculty, and employees of the College and is maintained by Information Technology’s Administrative Systems group. Access to data contained within Datatel can be found through the “My Information” menu on Echo, as well as through WebAdvisor. WebAdvisor is Datatel’s tool to allow faculty members to enter grades, check an advisee’s progress toward fulfilling degree requirements, and generate class lists


(http://www.lemoyne.edu/library) - Online services supported by the Noreen Reale Falcone Library include online access to card catalog, electronic database resources, electronic course reserve materials and the ConnectNY family of library resources across New York State.

Microsoft E-Learning:

(https://business.microsoftelearning.com) -As part of a new offering from Microsoft, all Le Moyne faculty and staff are eligible to access E-Learning courses online at Microsoft.com. These courses are meant to help you keep up-to-date with the latest major software releases. Faculty, staff and administrators can obtain an access code by emailing a request to helpdesk@lemoyne.edu.

  1. Go to https://business.microsoftelearning.com/activate/ using the Internet Explorer browser to activate your account.
  2. Input your access code.  You are prompted to sign in using a valid Windows Live™ ID. (This is the user name and password you use to access the site each time you log on.) If you already have a profile on microsoft.com, use that Windows Live ID.
  3. You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.  From the confirmation e-mail, click the link to complete the e-mail confirmation and activate your courses.
  4. You are prompted to sign in using a valid Windows Live ID, once again.
  5. A confirmation page appears indicating that the access code has been accepted.
  6. Click the My Learning link to see list of available courses.
  7. Click a course title to launch the offering. You have 12 months from the time of launch to finish that course.

To access your course at any timego to: https://business.microsoftelearning.com/ and Sign In.  Click the My Learning Catalog link on the left side of the page and select your course.