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LeMoyne.edu Continues to Shine

It hardly seems possible that one year ago at this time, the new LeMoyne.edu was just an idea being considered by the Integrated Marketing Task Force and Web Advisory Committee.  What a difference a year makes!  Gone is the cumbersome process of offices and departments FTP'ing their changes to a development server where they had to be manually approved and brought live.  Instead, the college has embraced the new content management system.  Over 80 people on campus have been trained to work with the system, which represents the most activity we've achieved in terms of content contribution!

Also gone are the days of "navigation by org chart".  While this has taken a little more time for some to embrace, our traffic numbers prove that our thinking was correct - our users are better served by clear and consistent navigation.  One faculty member recently commented:  "we had a 500% increase in prospective students with an interest in our major, which I attribute to...our well-maintained web presence with the new web site."

Are you interested in learning more?  Statistics showing how many people are coming to the site and what resources are being accessed are posted monthly

What's on the horizon?  A great collaborative project has been underway to re-develop the orientation registration.  Web Services, Administrative Systems, Communications, Academic Affairs, Student Life, and Residence Life have all worked together to make the registration process much simpler and more efficient for incoming students.   While the public portion of the site was unveiled by Barbara Karper at Accepted Students Day, the registration system is scheduled to launch later this month. 




posted @ Friday, April 03, 2009 2:16 PM

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