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Dolphin or Dolphin-Secure?

The recently upgraded campus wireless network provided Information Technology with the opportunity to create a new “secure” (Service Set Identifier) network called Dolphin-Secure. The traditional Dolphin WiFi, created when wireless was first introduced to the campus, allowed a simple wireless connection to the internet. It was not considered a secure  network and as a security feature required users to sign in frequently to stay on the network. Dolphin-Secure was created to provide a secure wireless network to which all Le Moyne students and staff could connect their personally owned computing and communication devices. If properly set up, you need only to sign a device into Dolphin-Secure once.

How do I sign on to Dolphin-Secure?

To sign into Dolphin Secure, you will need to access the wireless setup settings on your computer or communications device. Looking through the available wireless network  connections, select Dolphin-Secure. If you do not see this selection, you will need to ensure WiFi is enabled on your computer or communications device and that you are within range of the campus network signal. Select “refresh” within these settings to have your device look again for the Dolphin-Secure signal.

Depending upon your device, after selecting Dolphin-Secure, you will be required to authenticate to the network by entering your Le Moyne userid and password.  Next, a page will appear asking you to accept an LMC-Radius-P01  security certificate. Upon accepting this certificate you will be joined to the dolphin-secure network.

For iPhone and iPad users, please refer to the iPhone illustrations below :

1.) Select dolphin-secure from the network lis



  2.) Enter your Le Moyne username & password       


3.) Accept LMC-Radius security certificate

4.) Check mark indicates your are connected


For Android users, please refer to these illustrations.

 Android version 4.4 is shown. Your device may not match these pictures:

From the Settings menu. tap on WiFi


Select dolphin-secure in the list of networks

If prompted, you may need to sign in to Dolphin-Secure using the following settings :

EAP method - Select PEAP
Phase 2 authentication - None
CA certificate - Unspecified
Identity - Enter your Le Moyne user name
Anonymous Identity - Leave Blank
Password - Enter your Le Moyne password

Select Connect - You are now connected

Will I need to authenticate the next time I use Dolphin-Secure?

One of the enhancements with the Dolphin-Secure network is that it does not require you to keeping signing in, even when you leave the campus and return. Dolphin-Secure will retain your credentials and connect you as long as wireless is enabled on your computer or communications device and you are within range of the campus wireless network. However, as with any network, anytime you reset your Le Moyne password you will need to sign in again using your new password.

Why do I still see the Dolphin network SSID?

Unfortunately, not all personally owned computing and communication devices can connect to the Dolphin-Secure wireless network.  IT Staff successfully tested and connected multiple devices to the Dolphin-Secure network. Currently, some versions of the Android operating system prevent the acceptance of the security certificate. For this reason, the traditional Dolphin remains available -- with the caveat that  this is not a secured network. Information, including usernames, passwords, and documents, on this network is not encrypted.


Anyone  experiencing difficulty connecting to the Dolphin-Secure network, should visit or contact the Technology Service Desk at x4579.

posted @ Thursday, March 27, 2014 3:16 PM

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