About Institutional Research

The mission of the Office of Institutional Research is to provide Le Moyne College decision makers with accurate, easily understood data and analytical reports designed to improve the quality of Le Moyne College planning and the achievement of Le Moyne College goals and objectives. In addition to their regularly scheduled projects, the office will respond to ad hoc requests for information and will support internal accreditation, evaluation, and assessment data-collection efforts.


Dan Skidmore | Director of Institutional Research

Ladi Anjorin | Institutional Research Analyst

Diane Litteer | Institutional Reserach Coordinator

Joseph Viscomi | Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment Research Analyst 


Quick Facts About Le Moyne College:
    * Private, Coeducational Institution
    * Semester Calendar
    * Degrees Offered: Bachelor's, Master's, Post-Master's Certificate
    * 3,533: LMC's total Fall 2011 enrollment
    * 2,871: Total Undergraduate Fall 2011 enrollment (FT=2,414/PT=457)
    * 662: Total Graduate Fall 2011 enrollment (FT=168/PT=494)
    * 639: Fall 2011 freshmen class
    * 191: Fall 2011 new transfer students
    * 28 countries representing Fall 2011 international students
    * 834: Degrees awarded 2010-2011 Academic Year (UG=587/GRD=247)
    * 366: Le Moyne's Total Fall 2011 faculty (FT=155/ADJ=211)


Le Moyne College Statistics 1997-2011