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Your Key to IT: the Service Desk Portal

I'm having a technology problem, how do I get help?
Entering a new ticket in the system couldn't be easier! Simply go to http://servicedesk.lemoyne.edu, log in using your college userID and password, and you'll be able to enter a new ticket into the system.

Won't I get a faster response by calling?
Not necessarily… Calling the Service Desk should be reserved for emergencies affecting the whole campus or for classroom systems that are down or impacting the instructional process. Other issues or requests that come into our system will be prioritized in a way that allows IT to better serve the needs of the entire community. So if you call, we can enter in your information, but we will not always be able to assist you immediately.

Can I come to the Service Desk?
You can ALWAYS come visit us in the Library!!  New this year, we will ask you to sign in first and enter the details of your issue at one of the service desk workstations.  Depending on the volume and priority of calls currently in our system we may or may not be able to respond to your request while you are at the service desk.

Do I have to be on the campus network to submit a ticket?
Absolutely not! The Service Desk Portal is completely web-based. Whereever you have internet access, you can enter calls into the system.

Do I submit an incident or a service request
Which one should I use?   IT defines an “incident” as any unplanned event which disrupts, or could disrupt normal services or operations. So, if any technology that you are using is not behaving as designed, you should enter an incident.
On the other hand, a “service request” includes requests for information, advice, access to an existing IT Service, new or improved services, or a change to existing services.  If your issue falls into one of these areas, you should select a service request.
If your are unsure which category your issue falls into, please enter it as an incident and IT will assess and categorize it appropriately.

OK, I gave you my information, now what?
Once you submit your new incident, you will receive an email confirmation. This confirmation will have the information you submitted so you can review it for accuracy as well as have a record of your request.
One of the nice things about the system is that your confirmation will also have a unique ID number that's assigned to your request.  You can always log into http://servicedesk.lemoyne.edu (using your College user ID and Password), and enter the incident ID number to quickly see what's going on.

It doesn't seem like anything is happening with my ticket, what should I do?
There are a couple options available to you:

  1. First, log into http://servicedesk.lemoyne.edu, and check the status of your incident to see what's going on.
  2. You can click on the "Web Conversation" tab to enter a note that will be sent directly to the IT staff member working on your request.
  3. If you are concerned with the information you're getting back or about the timeliness of the response from Information Technology, please contact Bill Thieke, Director of Technology Support Services (thiekews@lemoyne.edu or x4599).

Can I Call the Service Desk (445-4579)?
Beginning Friday, September 10, the Technology Service Desk phone menu will change.  Information Technology is requesting that calls to the Service Desk should be reserved for emergencies affecting the whole campus, significant work stoppage or for classroom systems that are down impacting the instructional process. This will allow the Support Services team to address all issues already in our system efficiently and in priority order to better serve the Le Moyne community’s needs.

We will also be implementing an after hours support service accessible via the Service Desk phone number for technology emergencies and system-wide failures after regular hours of operation.   Once the Service Desk closes for the evening, emergency calls will be routed to a member of the IT Support Services professional staff who will respond to your call within 30 minutes.

Emailing the Service Desk
Beginning October 15, the Service Desk e-mail, which has long been an effective means of contacting and corresponding with Information Technology, will be discontinued.  While the account will still exist, it will no longer be actively monitored, but instead will be used only for communications to and from the Service Desk portal.  Instead, IT prefers that individuals contact us via the Service Desk portal (http://servicedesk.lemoyne.edu) as described above.

When Will I Hear Back?

One of the most common questions we're asked is when you can expect to hear back when a ticket is submitted. Below are some of the possible urgency levels you can select when you enter a ticket.

System Down/Work or Instructional Stoppage: Means your productivity is at a standstill. Your system is down AND you have critical instructional/business deadlines within 1 business day. Resolving these issues is a critical priority and we'll make every effort to get you back up and running. 

Critical Tasks Unavailable: Means while you can still complete the majority of your work, this issue requires a quick resolution.  This category refers to systems or applications that are unusable AND there are critical instructional/business deadlines or events that require this system within 3 business days.

Tasks Unavailable or Highly Degraded: More general requests for help, including requests for new software to be added to your machine, access to the network, individual features of an application not working or slow, or instructional/business deadlines within one week, etc.

Minor Work Degradation: General requests for more information about a particular technology, software, or campus facility, your system is slow, but functioning, etc.

Based on the urgency scale above and other information that you enter, Information Technology will evaluate your request.  IT will determine the priority of your request based on your input and a number of other factors (NOTE: this may not result in the same level that you have designated for your issue).
The priority established for your issue will determine how Information Technology will respond. Based on the priority assigned to your issue, IT’s target response times are defined below.  These response times are goals we have set for ourselves and would like to work to meet. Please be patient with us as we work with you to enhance our service to the Le Moyne community.

Priority 4 Calls (major issues): Our goal is to respond to your call within 15 minutes (during regular business hours) and have you back up and running within 3 hours.

Priority 3 Calls : We'll make every effort to get back to you with a proposed plan to resolve your issue within one hour and will strive to have your issue resolved within 5 business hours.

Priority 2 Calls: We'll make every effort to provide you a proposed plan for assistance within 4 business hours and to attempt to have a resolution for your issue by the end of the next business day.

Priority 1 Calls (minor issues and information): We'll make every effort to respond to your question within one business day of the request and to resolve your issue within 3 business days.

posted @ Monday, September 13, 2010 8:09 AM

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