Information Technology

Self Paced Technology Training

Google Training
Working with Google Calendar, Google Apps, Google Docs, Getting started with Gmail

Content Management System
Updating content on the lemoyne.edu site, including adding images, adding documents, and understanding the different tools available

An online service of over 900 courses and roughly 60,000 tutorials organized by subject, software, and instructor.  The service includes a full slate of tranining videos on Adobe, Apple and Microsoft software.  Le Moyne has 5 concurrent licenses for use.  To arrange for a license, contact the Service Desk

Microsoft E-Learning Library
An online repository of Microsoft self paced training including courses on all facets of Microsoft Office, operating systems, and servers


Face to Face Classroom Training

Selected topics offered periodically for faculty, staff and students including:

  • Canvas
  • Microsoft Office Software
  • Google Apps
  • Multimedia in the classroom
  • Web Content Management System
  • Social media
  • Project Management
  • HTML and Web Development



One-on-one Training

Available by request on various topics. Contact the service desk to schedule.

Classroom Orientation

  • One-on-one or small group training on the use of technology tools in the classroom that you will present in. Contact the service desk to arrange an orientation.
  • See complete descriptions of all classroom equipment available.


On-Demand Technology Training

Adding Images to the Content Management System

webOne of the most often asked questions about updating information on lemoyne.edu is how to add new images to the site.  This short video will walk you through the process.


Watch the video

Adding New Files to the Content Management System

webOne of the most often asked questions about updating information on lemoyne.edu is how to add new PDF, Word, or Excel files to the site.  This short video will walk you through the process.


Watch the video

Calendar - Creating an Event

webThe first video in the on-demand reference to working with the calendar module, this tutorial covers the basic steps to add a new event to a calendar, select a venue, and selecting a category. 


Watch the video

CMS Module Overview

trainingIn addition to the standard text area included on most web pages, the content management system has a variety of tools to help you present your content.  This video provides an overview of the most commonly used. 

Watch the video

Content Management System Reference

An overview of the Content Management System, including how to update areas of the lemoyne.edu site.  Download copy of pdf file

E-Learning Instructions

As part of a new offering from Microsoft, all Le Moyne faculty and staff are eligible to access E-Learning courses online at Microsoft.com. These courses are meant to help you keep up-to-date with the latest major software releases.  Download instructions by clicking the link below to help you get started with the Microsoft E-Learning course catalog.

*Please note - you must use Internet Explorer to access the E-Learning Library

Detailed Instructions

Forms - Basic Set Up

wwwPart One of the CMS forms training, this short video gives an overview of the basic configuration options available to begin laying out your form.

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Forms - Creating Basic Form Fields

webPart two of the on-demand reference to creating forms in the content management system, this video covers how to create text boxes, calendars, check boxes, radio buttons and drop down lists. 

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Getting Started with Gmail

google Interested in learning  how to make the most out of Gmail?  Google has prepared these videos to get you started, help you organize your mail, and understand Google's commitment to preventing spam

Google Apps - An Overview

googleThis series of video training prepared by Google gives you an overview of what to expect when you get started with Google Apps

Google Docs

googleInterested in learning how to use Google Docs and understanding their features?  Watch any of these videos from Google to learn more:

Lynda.com Training Available

Le Moyne now offers the Le Moyne community no-charge access to online training from Lynda.com! With over 715 courses available 24/7 in more than 42,000 easy to follow video clips, Lynda.com is a great opportunity for technology learning.  Have a look at the course line-up at Lynda.com. Courses range from all of the Adobe, Microsoft, and Apple software products to web design, programming, database, and many more. If there are courses that interest you, request an invitation from helpdesk@lemoyne.edu

Lynda.com FAQs

Is there a limit to how many topics I can learn about on Lynda.com?

No. Learning on Lynda.com is unlimited. As long as your username and password are valid, you may access any of the Lynda.com tutorials. You can even learn multiple topics concurrently.



Watch this video to learn what Lynda.com is and this video to see how to use it.

The length of validity for your username and password depends upon the course of study you've chosen when requesting access via the HelpDesk. Naturally, larger topics will require longer periods of access. We also understand that sometimes you get distracted and will need to request an extension. If this is the case - or if you are having trouble logging in, contact the HelpDesk at 410-778-7777.

By default, Lynda.com is accessible for three days per access request. At times, we may not be able to process requests for extensions due to high training demand.

Is there any cost to me for using this resource?

No. IT has purchased 7 concurrent licenses to provide access to the Le Moyne College community. There is no cost to your or your department for taking advantage of the training provided by Lynda.com.


No. OIT has purchased the required multi-user account to provide free access to the Washington College community. There is no cost to your or your department for taking advantage of the video training provided by Lynda.com.

What is the lynda.com Certificate of Completion Program?

The lynda.com Certificate of Completion program is a new incentive that rewards members for completely watching a course on lynda.com. Upon completion of a course, a certificate is automatically generated that is viewable online, downloadable, or emailable to anyone the member wants.

You can be anywhere and still have access to Lynda.com's resources - even at home! While we are more than happy to offer you help from friendly consultants in places like the MPC or the computing facilities, you are more than welcome to use Lynda.com anywhere you see fit.

Resizing Images for the Web

webHave a great digital image you'd like to add to your site, but it's too big?  Don't have a copy of Photoshop? 

This tutorial will walk you through how to you the free, online tool Picnik to resize and crop your images.

Watch the video

Working with Google Calendar

googleInterested in using the features of Google's calendar to better organize your schedule?  Watch any of these videos prepared by Google to help you get started:

Working with the Content Management System

wwwAn overview of the basic DotNetNuke interface, including how to edit text, add images to your pages, and add links to other content. 

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