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Le Moyne Marketing Students to Hold "Hope for Ariang" Auction and Sale Nov. 28

You can own a piece of the Ariang Primary School in South Sudan, thanks to an effort started by a student team from Le Moyne's marketing department. On Wednesday, Nov. 28 from 7 to 9 p.m. in Grewen Auditorium at Le Moyne, there will be a sale and auction that features the special “Hope for Ariang” collection, crafted from sterling silver and dust from the bricks of the school.

Students in Dr. Magdoleen Ierlan's marketing research class at Le Moyne organized the event. It is the culmination of a collaboration the students facilitated between the Hope for Ariang Foundation, Dune Jewelry, a Boston-based jewelry designer and fabricator of the new Hope collection, and the Madden School of Business at Le Moyne.

Ierlan said her students were enthusiastic about the project right from the start. “They realized immediately the value it would bring to a special non-profit started by Gabriel Bol Deng, one of their own Le Moyne College alums,” she said. “Not only have they learned real-world lessons about market research and planning, but they’ve also done it in the spirit and mission of the College.”

The Hope for Ariang Foundation was started by Gabriel Bol Deng, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, to raise money to build a school in his home town. Thanks to the efforts to date, more than 600 children are getting an education in Ariang.

To learn more or if you are unable to attend the event but are interested in the “Hope for Ariang” collection, contact Dr. Magdoleen Ierlan, assistant professor, Madden School of Business at ierlanmt@lemoyne.edu or Kate Artessa, director of operations for the Hope for Ariang Foundation hopeforariang@gmail.com.  

For more information about the Hope for Ariang Foundation go to www.hopeforariang.org. For more information about Dune Jewelry go to www.dunejewelrydesign.com


posted on: 11/20/2012