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Le Moyne College Announces Fall Production at W. Carroll Coyne Center for the Performing Arts

<p>SYRACUSE, NY (For Immediate Release) … On October 26, 27 and November 1, 2 and 3, 2007, at 8 p.m. the Boot and Buskin Theatre Club of Le Moyne College will present “Translations,” an Irish drama by Brian Friel. This production will be presented in conjunction with the Mid-Atlantic American Conference for Irish Studies, hosted by Le Moyne College. All performances will be presented at the W. Carroll Coyne Center for the Performing Arts.<br /> <br /> Set in 1833, "Translations" recalls the British army's campaign to replace the native Gaelic with English in an attempt to end centuries of fighting by setting up a political union based on a common language. The rural Irish village of Baile Beag faces the arrival of a corps of British military engineers, there to map and rename the area. The presence of these outsiders forces the inhabitants of this small community to confront a changing and uncertain future, and under this shadow an impossible romance between a soldier and a village girl begins.<br /> <br /> Friel's timeless masterpiece is a moving reflection on Irish history and a poignant story about community, colonialism, identity and the power of language as it affects us all.<br /> <br /> Anjalee Nadkarni will direct “Translations” with scenic and lighting design by Karel Blakeley. Costume design will be by Meggan Kulzcynski. Music composition for the production will be provided and performed by Jessica Barbour.<br /> <br /> Ticket prices are $12 for the general public, $8 for senior citizens and $4 for students. For additional information and ticket reservations, please call the W. Carroll Coyne Center for the Performing Arts at 315 445 4523.</p>
posted on: 9/13/2007