Commitment to the Environment


As a Catholic, Jesuit college, Le Moyne promotes academic excellence and leadership, in service for and with others. Responsible environmental stewardship flows from this understanding of our role. We seek to be conscientious global citizens by:

  1. Reducing the rate at which we contribute to depletion of natural resources and degradation of the environment, and;
  2. Increasing our use of renewable resources.


Environmental sustainability at Le Moyne College is advanced through:


The bottom line:

Le Moyne College 2010

carbon emissions = 11,477 MTeCO2/gsf



Our organizational goals are to:

  • Continue raising community awareness of environmental issues through lectures, research, academic programming, and cultural events;
  • Enhance campus-wide recycling and other eco-friendly action;
  • Develop a campus-wide sustainability plan that incorporates green procurement and other steps, ultimately moving us toward restorative and regenerative design;
  • Expand our collaborations and projects in Central New York and beyond. 


Le Moyne has reduced its GHG emissions every year since 2003. During 2011, we will seek to expand upon our successful pilot of 200 LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs. In 2009, we were among the first in the nation to test this maturing technology for indoor lighting, and were featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education. We now we seek to "Light the Heights" by expanding this project across the campus. For more information, please contact Steve Kulick (kulicksw@lemoyne.edu).

In addition to environmental sustainability, Le Moyne addresses the other two components of sustainability (economic and social) through our daily operations, college mission and OneLeMoyne Strategic Vision. Grounded in the Jesuit ideal of a preferential option for the poor, we teach our students to seek ever-broader ways to support the capacity of all persons to meet their needs, worldwide.

Student Involvement

Le Moyne students can apply to live in environmentally themed housing described at this link, or participate in campus groups and activities. Click on the video below to hear the perspective of one Le Moyne student on the environment:


Faith and Ecology

Two organizations which are active in the environmental movement include:

The Franciscan Action Network, which offers an adult formation program entitled "C4C: Franciscan Care for Creation." creation@franciscanaction.org.

The Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, which offers two projects: "Faith-Ecology-Economy" and "Sustainable Pathways to Peace and Inclusive Global Security." www.maryknollogc.org.