Computer Science


Aparna Das

Visiting Assistant Professor

212 Reilly Hall
personal web site

Ph.D. Brown University

Research: Analysis of algorithms

Aparna earned her undergraduate degree from Cornell University and her Ph.D. from Brown University. Before coming to Le Moyne she was a postdoc at the University of Arizona. She views computer science as a field which requires creativity and technical precision and is eager to share both aspects of computer science with students. Her research interests include the design and analysis of approximation algorithms, geometric algorithms, combinatorial optimization, and computational game theory.  Outside of academics, she enjoys running, cooking and hiking.

David Voorhees

Associate Professor
Director of Computer Science

235 Reilly Hall
personal web site

Ph.D. Nova Southeastern University

Research: Software size and effort prediction, Software design, Computer science pedagogy

Dave worked for nineteen years in industry before joining the faculty in 1999. He worked at AT&T Corporation (before deregulation of the telecommunications industry) and then worked at CTG (an IT consulting firm) for seventeen years. After a few years at Le Moyne, Dave decided he liked teaching young adults and wanted to continue doing this; resulting in him earning a Ph.D. in computer science. His research interests include software size and effort prediction, software design, and computer science pedagogy. Outside of academics, he enjoys swimming, eating anything his wife cooks, and camping.


As a result of the McDevitt gift, Le Moyne has hired two cybersecurity experts. Marcus Rogers is the Endowed McDevitt Chair in Computer Science for 2014-15. Marc will be organizing events during this academic year on various cybersecurity topics. In addition, Carl Landwehr will be a Visiting Professor in Spring 2015 and will teach a new course titled Cybersecruity for Future Presidents.

Adjunct instructors who teach computer science:

  • Dan Bartlett
  • Doug Hill
  • Rudolf Lienhard

Professor Emeritus:

  • Tom Frank