Criminology is the scientific study of crime and its causes. The major in criminology and crime and justice studies prepares the Le Moyne student interested in understanding crime and who appreciates approaches to crime and justice that are consistent with a liberal arts environment in the Jesuit tradition. The program is interdisciplinary, drawing on relevant professional disciplines.

There are four concentration areas for the criminology and crime and justice studies major:

1.   Law enforcement concentration

2.   Research concentration

3.   International affairs concentration

4.   Human services concentration

Each of the concentrations is tailored to prepare students for their particular interests and career goals. All students complete the core curriculum; students also complete the coursework required for their concentration.

Students Interested in Forensics

Currently there is an increasing interest among college students in the study of forensics. Although students often believe they should major in criminology to begin on the path toward a career in forensics, this is a misconception. Students interested in forensics should major in chemistry, biological science or biochemistry, depending upon which aspect of forensics interests them. For a career in forensics, an undergraduate degree in the sciences is the necessary step toward viable career options.