Travel Experiences




Foreign language studies at Le Moyne aim to acquaint students with a language, culture and civilization different from their own. As part of their program of study, French majors are required to spend a semester abroad, as well as take the Oral Proficiency Interview, a linguistic competence test developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, and reach the Advanced Low level. Students need to register for FRN 400 Oral Proficiency Preparation.

Le Moyne also offers a sequence leading to New York state teaching certification for those looking to teach French to others. Students will not only learn the language, but explore all aspects of the French culture.


Travel Experiences

Ou est Le Louvre? It’s right over there, Le Moyne French students will be saying when they are in Paris this January for ten days of language practice and immersion in the French culture. And then they will walk across the Seine and make their way to see the Mona Lisa or the Venus de Milo or a million other pieces of art. Then they’ll visit the Cathedral de Norte Dame, the Musee de Cluny, and the Palace of Versailles. They’ll make trips outside of Paris, to the Loire Valley (where they’ll visit two of the historic chateaux) and Chartres Cathedral. As French professor Rev. James Dahlinger says, “It is clear that facility in a foreign language and experience of travel abroad are skills and life experiences that are increasingly in demand in today's job markets.” Nous sommes ici! those students may say when they are walking the beautiful streets of the City of Lights. We are here!

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