Gender and Women's Studies

Degree Requirements

In order to complete a minor in the Gender and Women’s Studies Program, students must take GWS 101, GWS 401 and nine other credit hours cross-listed with courses offered by the Gender and Women’s Studies Program and selected in consultation with the program director. No more than three credit hours may normally come from the allied Gender and Women’s Studies Program curriculum and no more than six credit hours may normally come from any single department. The pass/fail option may not be used to fulfill requirements for the minor.

Required Courses 

(both 3 hours each)
GWS 101 Women, Culture and Society   
GWS 401 Theories of Sex and Gender   

Primary Gender and Women’s Studies Courses    

GWS 205 (CLS 205) Women and Literature in Ancient Greece   
GWS 221 (ENG 221) African Women Writers   
GWS 275 (PSY 275) The Psychology of Women   
GWS 308 (HST 408) Seminar: Women and Patriarchy in Western Civilization   
GWS 312 (PSC 312) Women and Politics    
GWS 315 (FLL 315/SPN 315) Latin American Women Writers   
GWS 320 (REL 320) Women and Religion   
GWS 322 (PHS 140) Women in the Physical Sciences   
GWS 326 (ENG 326) 19th Century English and Irish Women Writers   
GWS 334 (PSC 334) Social Activism   
GWS 343 (PHL 3336/PGS 342) U.S. Latina Thought   
GWS 344 (SOC 344) Gender and Society   
GWS 353 (HST 353) Social History of American Women, 1820-1980   
GWS 360-379 Special Topics  (between 1-3 credits)
GWS 380 (ENG 380) Literature by Women: 17th-19th Centuries   
GWS 381 (ENG 381) Literature by Women: 20th Century    
GWS 384 (ENG 384) Contemporary American Fiction   
GWS 406 (SOC 406) Race/Ethnicity, Gender and Class   
GWS 407(HST 404) Seminar: Medieval and Renaissance Women   
GWS 411 (HST 411). Race and Gender in the British Empire
GWS 414 (CMM 414/ENG 414) American Film Noir and the Femme Fatale   
GWS 416 (REL 412) Religion, Sex and Gender   
GWS 417 (REL 417) Women and Religion in the Greco-Roman World   
GWS 418 (PHL 417) Located Knowledge   
GWS 430 (HRM 430) Workplace Diversity and Human Resource Management Practices    
GWS 431 (HRM 431) Power and Influence in Organizations   
GWS 433 (HRM 433) Women & Work   

Allied Gender and Women’s Studies Courses    

GWS 200 (ANT 200/PGS 200) Cultural Myths and Cultural Realities   
GWS 213 (ANT 213) Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia   
GWS 231 (SOC 231) Marriage and Families   
GWS 240 (SOC 240) Social Welfare   
GWS 241 (SOC 241) Social Inequality   
GWS 244 (SOC 244/URB 244/CJS 244) Race and Ethnic Relations   
GWS 314 (ENG 340/PGS 314) Postcolonial Literature and Theory   
GWS 316 (PHL 356) Philosophy of the Body   
GWS 317 (FLL 317/SPN 317) Cuban Literature in Translation   
GWS 321 (PHL 355) The Anatomy of Cruelty   
GWS 323 (PHL 357/URB 323) The Social Production of Space   
GWS 329 (HST 329/PGS 329/PSC 329) History of Latin American Social Movements   
GWS 335 Equal Employment Opportunity   
GWS 340 (FLL 374) Modern African Literatures   
GWS 345 (ENG 345) Victorian Poetry   
GWS 346 (ENG 346) Victorian Prose and Poetry   
GWS 347 (ENG 347) The Victorian Novel   
GWS 351 (CMM 380/ENG 371/THR 371) Critical Approaches to Film   
GWS 354 (ENG 364) Modern American Fiction   
GWS 355 (PHL 364) Philosophy of Science   
GWS 357 (THR 369/ENG 369) Modern European Drama   
GWS 358 (ENG 358/CMM 358) Representations of the Media in Film   
GWS 359 (CMM 383/ENG 378) The Films of Alfred Hitchcock   
GWS 360-379 Special Topics
GWS 382 (ENG 382) African-American Literature   
GWS 383 (ENG 383) American Ethnic Literature    
GWS 403 (REL 403) Religion and Globalization   
GWS 404 (ENG 404) Literature and Psychology   
GWS 405 (PSC 405) International Human Rights   
GWS 408 (ENG 405) Gender and Literature   
GWS 412 (ENG 412) American Outlaws and Outcasts   
GWS 415 (CMM 415/ENG 415) Twelve American Films: Auteurism   
GWS 422 (ENG 422) Literature and Science   
GWS 447 (PSY 447) The Psychology of Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination   


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