Irish Literature

Students completing the Irish literature minor must take:

-    three literature courses specifically related to Ireland (four recommended)
-    one course in literature not related to Ireland
-    one approved course from either history or peace and global studies

The non-Irish literature course will ground students’ understanding of the wider British canon, while the history or peace and global studies course provides knowledge of the wider European and global contexts that Irish writers navigate. Lists of acceptable courses to meet the non-Irish requirements for the minor are available from the Program director.

Travel Opportunities

Study abroad and summer language programs are options for the fulfillment of this minor.  In recent years, Le Moyne students have studied abroad in summer Irish-language programs in the Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking areas in Ireland) and in cultural short programs. The College also engages in an Exchange program with Mary Immaculate College in Limerick, Ireland.  Students interested in pursuing study abroad should speak to the Program Director and/or the Global Education office

Typical Program

Typically, Irish minors are encouraged to take their Irish coursework in their second and third years, with supplemental course work in their third and fourth years.  Core coursework in Senior seminars pertaining to Ireland, and consideration of study abroad, are both strongly encouraged.  Irish minors often consider writing a senior thesis on the literature, history, or politics of Ireland, but this is *not* required for completion of the minor.


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