Legal Studies

The legal studies minor focuses on law as a social phenomenon, and legal systems as both cultural and institutional in nature. Much of jursiprudential theory identifies justice as the first value of law and the standard against which legal systems will be judged. Within this framework, and in keeping with the Jesuit tradition upon which the College was founded, special attention is focused on the role of law in society's least-advantaged populations.

Requirements (15 credits) 

  • LGS201/PSC 205: Introduction to Legal Studies (3 credits)

One of the following humanities courses (3 credits)

  • PHL 250: Philosophy of Law
  • HST 316: History of American Law

One of the following business courses (3 credits)

  • LAW 200: Legal Environment of Business
  • LAW 300: Law of Business ad Financial Organizations
  • LAW 310: Business Law for Accountants
  • LAW 330: Consumer Law
  • LAW 340: International Business Law

One of the following social science courses (3 credits)

  • PSY 335: Psychology and the Law
  • SOC 321/CJS 321: Law, Society and Social Science
  • PSC 301: The US Supreme Court
  • PSC 362: International Legal Systems
  • PSC 405/GWS 405/PGS 405: International Human Rights

One of the following capstone courses (3 credits)

  • PSC 451: American Constitutional Law I
  • PSC 452: American Constitutional Law II

Internships from various disciplines

Departmental honors projects from various disciplines