Peace and Global Studies

The Peace and Global Studies Major will help students understand the origins, challenges and ethical dimensions of "Globalization." Students in the major – and students taking global studies courses as electives – will be asked to think about a host of issues that transcend national boundaries--migration/immigration, global climate change, refugees, terrorism, the movement of capital and development. Majors will also explore how concepts of justice and peace are linked in the world context to issues of economics, labor relations, the environment, gender, family, law, human rights, communications and culture.

Peace and Global Studies majors will attain advanced foreign language skills, spend at least a semester in a study-abroad program, and take both "Introduction to Global Studies" and a capstone interdisciplinary seminar entitled, "Ethics and Challenges of Globalization." In addition, working with Peace and Global Studies Program faculty, students will develop an individualized course of study, taking several electives in a regional or thematic area of specialization. Regional specializations include the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and East Asia; thematic concentrations will include issues of global environmental change, economic development and under-development, family and gender, law and human rights, and conflict resolution.