Cultural Competence

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Le Moyne College Cultural Competence Initiative

In 2005, the Le Moyne College Physician Assistant Program was awarded a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration of the US Department of Health and Human Services to develop and implement the Le Moyne College Cultural Competence Initiative (LMC-CCI).  This grant provided funding to support this initiative, which is a comprehensive program aimed at assuring culturally competent primary care by physician assistant graduates and at enhancing the level of cultural competence in primary health care among our partner agencies.

The LMC-CCI brings together university and community groups with long-standing concerns for the promotion of culturally competent healthcare and the elimination of health disparities. The overall purpose of the project is to meet the Healthy People 2010 goal of reducing health disparities by ensuring that the graduates of the PA program have the skills to care for multicultural, multiethnic, multilinguistic populations, and that they provide care for populations in underserved communities. This initiative focuses on the health disparities and special need for culturally competent care in obesity, diabetes, asthma, tobacco, low birth weight, lead poisoning, HIV/AIDS/STDs, hypertension and kidney disease. There are numerous health conditions that disproportionately affect individuals due to race, ethnicity, geography, or other factors; this project will provide physician assistant students an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to provide culturally competent care and to contribute to the reduction of these health disparities.



Three of the major goals of this project are to:
  • Develop and implement a model problem-based curriculum in cultural competence that can be offered via distance learning or in the classroom.
  • Develop community-based linkages to enhance the placement of students into agencies serving a diverse population to provide students with an opportunity to develop cultural competence skills within the context of multicultural communities and populations.
  • Increase the number of graduates who provide culturally competent care to diverse and underserved populations.

This web site provides ready-made materials that any program may choose to use or modify as needed in order to develop and implement a curriculum in cultural competence for health professions students, or to modify or enrich an already existing curriculum.   You are welcome to use any and all materials, but we ask that you credit the authors (when stated), and include the following statement:

"These materials were developed by the Department of Physician Assistant Studies of Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY as part of the Le Moyne College Cultural Competence Initiative, which was supported by a HRSA Primary Care Training Grant. The original materials are published online at www.lemoyne.edu/pa." 
We will provide a password to access the cases to any health professions instructor; simply provide us with your name, position, affiliation, and email address and we will send you the password via email. HRSA requires that we evaluate the materials, and we ask your help in this by completing an online evaluation of them; a link to the evaluation will be sent to you two weeks after you have received your password. 
Project Director
  • Linda G. Allison, MD, MPH
Project Co-Directors
  • Mary E. Springston, RPA-C, MS Ed
  • Sandy Lane, PhD, MPH
  • Mark E. Archambault, MHS, PA-C
Special thanks to the Administration for their support:
  • Fr. Charles Bierne, SJ
  • John Smarrelli, PhD
  • Linda LeMura, PhD
Special thanks to all who helped on this project:
  • Lynne Arnault, PhD
  • Eileen Ayers
  • Beth Cappelletti, RPA-C
  • Michelle Faulkner
  • Sheila Faulkner
  • Norb Henry, EdD
  • William Holmes, PhD
  • Steven Kulick
  • Llamara Padro-Milano, RN
  • Jessica Primerano
  • Peter Sarver, MSW
  • And the various work-study students

Thanks to our community partners:
  • Cathedral Academy at Pompei
  • Catholic Charities
  • Center for New Americans
  • Contact Community Services
  • Dunbar Center
  • Family Literacy Alliance of Greater Syracuse
  • Franciscan Northside Ministries
  • Justice Center
  • L’Arche Community
  • Literacy Volunteers of Greater Syracuse
  • National Kidney Foundation
  • Seals Community Center at Kirk Park
  • Southwest Community Center
  • Syracuse University and Art Museum
  • Transitional Living Services
  • Upstate Medical University and Global Health Lecture Series
  • Upward Bound of Le Moyne College
  • Vera House, Inc.
  • Welch Terrace
  • West Side Learning Center