Career opportunities for those who have studied finance are divided into four related areas: corporate finance, investment, money and capital markets, and international finance.

  • Corporate finance: Financial managers deal with plant expansions, securities issuing, and decisions on credit terms. Positions will be at banks, other financial institutions, industrial and retail firms, hospitals, schools, and governments.
  • Investments: Finance graduates who go into investments usually work for a brokerage firm (security analyst), bank, mutual fund, insurance company (portfolio management), consulting firm, pension fund, or investment bank.
  • Money and Capital Markets: Graduates in this area work for financial institutions including banks, insurance firms, mutual funds, or investment banks (valuation, regulatory environments)
  • International Finance: At this time of accelerating globalization, the graduates who focus on international finance, when equipped with foreign language proficiency, will be offered very attractive positions with multinational corporations, foreign financial institutions, foreign and international organizations such as the IMF, World Bank, and UN.


The goal of finance is value maximization and two emerging trends will become increasingly important: the globalization of business and the use of information technology.