Integral Honors Program
The Integral Honors degree is the highest academic distinction a Le Moyne undergraduate can earn.

Integral Honors graduates, Class of 2013

The Integral Honors Program provides a unique educational opportunity for exceptional students to pursue advanced learning. The interdisciplinary, team-taught honors courses foster critical thought and encourage creative synthesis of ideas from many disciplines and many eras. Coursework that is focused largely within the humanities (and meets Core Curriculum requirements) explores the human experience in the context of history, stressing the development of civilizations and the connections and interrelationships that have molded our world. Integral Honors students make their own contribution to knowledge in their senior thesis research project, the culmination of their education in the Integral Honors Program. The goal of the program is to graduate students not only with the highest degree Le Moyne College offers but also with a love of learning and an exceptional foundation of understanding from which to continue a lifelong journey of exploration.

Dr. Holly Rine, Director
409 Grewen Hall
Email: rineha@lemoyne.edu

IHP collage

Open to all majors

Students of all majors are invited to join the Integral Honors Program in the fall of their first year at the College, and the students in each Honors class move through the program together for the next four years.

Many intellectual and social activities

The Honors Program sponsors a variety of lectures, films, and programs on campus, as well as off-campus trips to plays, operas, symphony concerts, museums, and scholarly conferences. Honors students are welcome to suggest and organize additional scholarly and social activities!

Travel opportunities at home and abroad
  • Overnight class trips have included participation in a 3-day Honors conference in Annapolis, MD; trips to the Stratford (Canada) Shakespeare Festival; to art galleries, the Natural History Students at Chichicastenango market, GuatemalaMuseum, and a Broadway play in New York City; to the United Nations and the NY Stock Exchange; and to the Holocaust Museum, Mount Vernon, and the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.
  • Every other year, HON 320, The World of the Other, takes Honors students to Guatemala for 3 weeks. Other opportunities to travel in Sicily and the Unitied States will also be available.

Honors Convocation 2013

Christina Huff, winner of the 2013 James C. Finlay Award for Outstanding Integral Honors Thesis, earned B.A.s in English and Theatre Arts while participating in Le Moyne's dance program.Christina Huffaker

"... My Honors thesis is a literary analysis of the influence of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress on Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women, which novel I then adapted and choreographed into a half-hour ballet, performed at the PAC the beginning of this semester. This interdisciplinary project combined elements of literature, religion, theatre, and dance, among other disciplines. That it was possible at all speaks volumes for the focus on, and support for, innovation and creativity at Le Moyne College. ... I began to reflect on some of the reasons we ARE lucky to have spent the last four years at Le Moyne. ..." Read Christina's address here.

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