Faculty Members


Dean's Office

Jim Joseph, MPA, CPA

Dean, Madden School of Business
Mitchell Hall MH 102
(315) 445-4280




George Kulick

George Kulick

Associate Dean, Madden School of Business
MBA Program Director
Associate Professor of Business Analytics
Ph.D., Statistics, Syracuse University, 1988
Grewen Hall 209K
(315) 445-4786
Interests: Quantitative methods; survey methods; statistics.

Accounting Faculty

Joan Myers

Joan Myers, CPA

Associate Professor of Accounting
Ph.D., Accounting and Strategic Management, Syracuse University, 1993
Mitchell Hall MH 208
(315) 445-4387
Teaching Interests: Cost accounting; strategic cost management; managerial accounting; financial accounting topics; auditing.
Research Interests: Organizational uses of cost and managerial information; gender differences in financial decision making; activity-based costing; development of various accounting theory topics through history.

Mary Cooper

Visiting Instructor of Accounting
Mitchell Hall MH 206
(315) 445-4430


Business Analytics Faculty

Thaddeus Sim

Thaddeus Sim

Business Analytics Program Director
Associate Professor of Business Administration
Ph.D., Management Science, University of Iowa, 2007
Reilly Hall 329
(315) 445-4435
Teaching Interests: Supply chain and operations management; business analytics.
Research Interests: Facility and hub location problems; supply chain management; business analytics.


Greg Lepak

Professor of Business Administration
Ph.D., Statistics, SUNY Albany, 1984
Reilly Hall 302
(315) 445-4384

Ron Wright

Ronald H. Wright

Michael D. Madden Professor of Business Administration
Ph.D., Operations Research, University of Kentucky, 1977
Reilly Hall 324
(315) 445-4370
Teaching Interests: Analytic modeling; management science; experiential learning; sustainability.
Research Interests: Analytic modeling; complex systems evaluation; financial simulation models; fuzzy rule based evaluation systems; pedagogical research.

Finance Faculty

Jinhu Qian

Jinhu Qian

Finance Program Director
Associate Professor of Business Administration
Ph.D., Finance, University of Houston, 1997
Reilly Hall 305
(315) 445-4268
Teaching Interests: Investments; derivatives; corporate finance.
Research Interests: Market microstructure; equity offerings; portfolio management.

John Consler

John Consler

Professor of Finance
Ph.D., Finance and Administrative Policy, Colorado University, 1978
Reilly Hall 321
(315) 445-4428

Information Systems Faculty

Martha Grabowski

Martha Grabowski

Chair, Business Administration Department
Information Systems Program Director
Professor of Information Systems
M.S., MBA, Ph.D. Management Information Systems/Expert Systems, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1987
Reilly Hall 320
(315) 445-4427
Twitter: @GrabowskiMIS201 or @grabowsk2
Interests: Large-scale systems; embedded intelligent real-time systems; transportation systems; human factors; disaster and emergency response; social network analysis; social media; human and organizational error; safety-critical systems; organizational impact of technology; use of information systems for competitive advantage.

Shinjeng Lin

Shinjeng Lin

Associate Professor of Information Systems
Ph.D. Information Science, Rutgers University, 2001
Reilly Hall 319
(315) 445-4136
Teaching Interests: Web design; client-side web applications development; server-side web applications development; electronic commerce; database applications; information strategy and management.
Research Interests: Human-computer interaction; information seeking behavior; online consumer behavior; usability and design issues in health information systems.

Chris Zimmer

J. Christopher Zimmer

Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Ph.D., Management Information Systems, Clemson University, 2011
Reilly Hall 325
(315) 445-4432
Teaching Interests: Business intelligence; decision making; enterprise resourse planning; social media.
Research Interests: Decision making; human-computer interaction; interaction of social and technical processes.

Management & Leadership Faculty

Dennis OConnor

Dennis O'Connor

Management Program Director
Professor of Management
Ph.D., Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University, 1985
Reilly Hall 418
(315) 445-4483
Interests: Appreciative inquiry; future search; leadership (relating to change, teams, personal growth, and presence).

Bernard Arogyaswamy

Bernard Arogyaswamy

Professor of Management
D.B.A., Administration, Kent State University, 1985
Reilly Hall 328
(315) 445-4727

Daniel Orne

Daniel Orne

Associate Professor of Management
Ph.D., Management, Rensselar Polytechnic Institute, 1976

Reilly Hall 309
(315) 445-4391

Renee Downey Hart

Renee Downey Hart

Visiting Assistant Professor of Management
Ph.D., Syracuse University
Reilly Hall 419
(315) 445-4485
Interests: Organizational retention; performance in the internet age.

Marketing Faculty

Margie Ierlan

Magdoleen T. Ierlan

Marketing Program Director

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Ph.D., Marketing, SUNY Binghamton, 2012

Reilly Hall 311
(315) 445-4348

John Considine

John Considine

Professor of Marketing
Ph.D., Marketing, Syracuse University, 1984

Reilly Hall 327
(315) 445-4438
Teaching Interests: Principles of marketing; sports marketing; transportation.
Research Interests: Sports marketing issues; church marketing; mass transit.


Wally Elmer

Professor of Marketing
Ph.D., Marketing, Syracuse University, 1984

Interests: Marketing research and management; higher education marketing; industrial marketing.


Daniel Arno

Daniel Arno

Assistant Professor of Business Administration
J.D., Albany Law School, 1975

Reilly Hall 434
(315) 445-4498




Mary Ann Donnelly

Professor of Emeritus

J.D., Harvard University


MBA Affiliated Faculty


Wayne Grove

Professor of Economics
Ph.D., University of Illinois
Reilly Hall 336
(315) 445-4235

Roger Lund

Professor of English
Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1978
Reilly Hall 315
Interests: Business communications; rhetoric; satire; business-humanities linkages.

Jonathan Schonsheck

Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1979
Reilly Hall 424
(315) 445-4492
Teaching Interests: Business ethics; social & political philosophy; philosophy of law.
Research Interests: Business ethics; social & political philosophy; philosophy of law; philosophy and public policy.