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Campus Community


Life at Le Moyne

Academic success often goes hand-in-hand with participation in a variety of extracurricular activities. The wide range of clubs, organizations, and activities on campus is another expression of Le Moyne's commitment to "educating the whole person." An extensive roster of clubs and organizations is only the beginning. Special events: concerts, theatrical performances, dances, first-run films, and stand-up comics are a regular part of the calendar. Le Moyne students also participate in such annual campus events as Dolphy Day, Spring Olympics, and Winter Weekend.

At Le Moyne, you, the student, have a direct say in what goes on. The Le Moyne Student Programming Board, which is operated and staffed by Le Moyne students and holds open meetings, is responsible for scheduling all social activities and special events.

Where will I live?

Where will I eat?

How do I get around?

What will I do in my spare time?