Applying to the Graduate Education Programs

Admission Criteria

After completion of the admission file, application materials will be evaluated by the Graduate Education Admission Committee. The committee will review and evaluate the application based on a combination of the following criteria:

  • Academic achievement
  • Potential to be successful in graduate study
  • Potential to meet the Le Moyne College program standards
  • Potential to meet the New York state teacher certification requirements, if applicable to the program of study to which you are applying

Portfolio Assessment and Fees

All graduate education students must pass the requirements set in the education department electronic portfolio assessment. Currently, the education department uses LiveText© software to manage the electronic portfolio. Students must purchase a LiveText© account online at college.livetext.com/purchasing.

Applications for Department of Education Master's Programs

The applications for the graduate education programs and the educational leadership programs can be found at www.lemoyne.edu/apply. Application requirements and instructions are included in the applications.

Applications for Department of Education Graduate Certificate Programs

The applications for the Higher Education Leadership and the Adult Education certificates can be found on www.lemoyne.edu/apply. All applicants must submit an official transcript of an earned bachelor's degree and a current resume along with the completed application.