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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Le Moyne Student Gains Hands-on Experience in the World of Banking

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Few individuals acquire hands-on experience working for one of the world’s largest global financial services firms before they even graduate from college, but Bryce Cosgrove ’13 has.

A finance, marketing and management information systems major, Cosgrove spent the summer in Manhattan working as an intern in the investment banking division of J.P. Morgan Chase. Among his assignments was to help develop an updated method for reporting risk in order to comply with new federal financial regulations. It was not his first experience working for the company, though. As a sophomore at the College, Cosgrove spent nine months working in J.P. Morgan’s investment banking division as part of the Global Enterprise Technology Experience, an internship program designed to give students professional opportunities.

A native of Malone, N.Y., Cosgrove says the experience taught him a tremendous amount, including to ask questions, to project confidence and to expand his professional network. While those skills are undoubtedly beneficial in any industry, they are especially important in the financial sector because of the rapid pace of change and growth and the sheer number of people working the field. Those are lessons that Cosgrove could not have learned in the classroom alone, and he is grateful to have had these experiences while he is still in College.

After graduation, Cosgrove hopes to work on Wall Street, ideally for a large global bank. However, he says he understands that it may be a while before he reaches that end goal. Over the next few years, he wants to take on a variety of professional roles so that he can gain a breadth of experience before specializing in any particular sector of banking.

“Wall Street is a fascinating place because it offers a set of highly complex products, services and technologies that pose various challenges,” he says. “I personally like a good challenge, so I will be content regardless of the area in which I work.”


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