Multicultural Affairs

Your college years are truly a time to learn about the world around you – to observe and ask questions; to meet other people whose thoughts, ideals and opinions may vary widely from your own, and to learn to respect and appreciate them.

Le Moyne is proud of its commitment to equality and social justice. The College’s multicultural/international educational and diversity programs offer students and staff across campus the opportunity to enhance their understanding and appreciation of a variety of cultures.

The College is committed to providing a broad range of programs and to establishing policies that encourage and promote diversity across campus, including recruiting and retaining diverse students and staff; promoting an atmosphere of trust and good will, and providing information to the College community that promotes greater understanding among people of different cultures and experiences.

Le Moyne is committed to developing sensitive and responsible community members, and has in place a strict policy against peer harassment.

It is also dedicated to celebrating and honoring different cultures and ideas and hosts events on campus to foster appreciation for and understanding of our different cultures and ideas. Recent events include a series of nationally renowned speakers in honor of African-American History Month, concerts featuring musicians from China and Panama, and a poetry reading featuring Spanish-born authors.

Le Moyne’s diversity is also reflected in its student body, which hails from all over the world, and in the variety of student organizations on campus, including Asian Students in Alliance (ASIA); Pride in Our Work, Ethnicity and Race (POWER); and Raising Awareness about Disabilities and Improving Campus Accessibility (RADICAL).