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Meet the Advisor

Dr. Dan Roche

I teach journalism classes within the Department of Communication & Film Studies, and I took over as Dolphin adviser in Fall 2009.

I've been at Le Moyne since 2001, and my life before that included stints in grad school at Ohio State (M.A.) and Iowa (Ph.D.), and time as a reporter on a newspaper in West Virginia. I wrote all the news and features, and the one other reporter covered all of the sports-though sometimes, if he couldn't get to all the important high school football games on Friday night, I'd chip in there.

What do I like so far about being the Dolphin adviser? A few things stand out. I enjoy getting a close look at a highly motivated and enthusiastic group of students doing excellent work and having fun at it. I like finding out what's happening on campus-and especially in students' lives-before most other people on campus know. I like being witness to-and maybe a little bit of help with-the weekly struggle to dig up stories and/or turn the excitement of big stories into something coherent and graceful. I like answering the staff's questions, giving them the small guidances they sometimes (but, not really all that often) need. I like, believe it or not, hanging out and watching the paper being put together late into Tuesday nights and sometimes well into Wednesday morning. And, though maybe I shouldn't put this in writing lest it commit me to looking like a slacker when it doesn't happen, I like having a group of students for whom I can buy donuts and pie.