Gifford Family Theatre

 Email will be used for follow up communication.  For efficiency and environmental resources, we plan to send further information via email; if this is not a good method of communication for you, please let us know. 

 I understand that photographic images of my child may be taken during workshops, rehearsals, or productions. I give the Summer Arts Institute permission to use the photographs of my child in future publicity. 

 I, the parent of legal guardian of (enter student name below) do hereby give permission for emergency medical treatment to be administered to the minor listed below in the event that an emergency has occurred and I cannot be reached at the numbers listed above. 

Please give name, address and telephone number of a person to whom we can release the student in case of emergency if you cannot be reached.

 The Summer Arts Institute does not carry insurance to pay for treatment of any injuries to children participating in its summer programs.  It is understood that the parent(s)/guardian(s) have health insurance for the student or have the means to pay for necessary medical treatment. 

 Please complete this section for Film Camp only

 Please complete this section for Theatre Camp only

 Please complete this section for Musical Theatre Camp only

 Please complete this section for Visual Arts Camp only

 Please complete this section for Strings Camp only