Barry Lee Darling | darlinbl@lemoyne.edu

At Le Moyne: Adjunct Assistant Professor 

Professor Darling received his bachelor's degree from Northeast Louisiana State University, served in the United States Marine Corps for four years, then received a Master's degree from Louisiana University. His prior teaching experience includes 28 years as director of the Department of Art at Henniger High School in Syracuse, N.Y. His solo exhibitions range from Syracuse to Santa Fe, N.M. His primary medium is painting


Zach Dunn |                      dunnzs@lemoyne.edu

At Le Moyne: Adjunct Assistant Professor

Zach Dunn received his Masters of Fine Arts from Syracuse University in 2012. His work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally. He is a very active member of the DS Institute, an international artist collective aimed at creating contextual artwork that responds to their direct environment but has larger cultural applications. He is also an object maker and believes in the intrinsic value of the handmade entity. 


Jerry M. Exline  |        exlinejm@lemoyne.edu

 Dr. Exline holds a bachelor's degree and doctorate from the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester. He also holds a master's degree from the University of Michigan and a diploma from the Sherwood School of Music. He previously taught at Oswego State University and served as chair of the Department of Music there from 1989 to 1996. An accomplished pianist, he has performed numerous recitals throughout the Central New York region. In addition, he is leader and keyboardist of the Jerry Michaels Ensemble and Jazz Co-op and is on the board of directors for Syracuse Civic  Morning Musicals. 



Katya Krenina |           krenink@lemoyne.edu

At Le Moyne: Adjunct Assistant Professor 

Professor Krenina has a passion for book illustration, and for translating written work into images. She is influenced by her Eastern European roots and feels a strong connection to the folk art and storytelling traditions. She has published over 15 books, which have won both national and international awards, and has exhibited her work across the country and abroad. 


David G. Moore |     mooredg@lemoyne.edu

At Le Moyne: Area Director of the Visual Arts Program &  Adjunct Assistant Professor

David Moore received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Syracuse University, completing a Master of Fine Arts degree in photography in 1985. He has published two books of photographs: False Idols in 1993 and Ephemeral Begins in 2000. Both books are in museum collections across the nation. He has been an exhibiting artist for the past 20 years. His most recent solo exhibition was at the University of California at Berkeley entitled Remnants of Identity.