Campus Security (315-445-4444)

The primary function of the Campus Security is to offer an environment conducive to personal and academic development for students, staff and faculty through service and prevention. The office strives to achieve these goals through conspicuous and covert patrol, ethical and professional investigative procedures, education of the public and constant training of department personnel.

It is the philosophy of Le Moyne College to prevent crimes from occurring, rather than react to them after the fact. A way to accomplish this goal is through the crime prevention program at the College. This program is designed to eliminate or minimize criminal opportunities, whenever possible, and encourage students and employees to be responsible for their own safety as well as the security of the others. The following is a the listing of the crime prevention programs and projects used by Le Moyne College:

  1. Escort Program: An escort service is offered between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m., seven days a week, for persons going between all Le Moyne College-owned properties.
  2. New Student Orientation: A crime prevention presentation accompanied by brochures and other printed material, are made available to all new students during orientation weekend.
  3. Campus Watch Program: Crime prevention and safety presentations, accompanied by brochures and other printed material, are made to resident and commuter students.
  4. Security Surveys: Comprehensive inspections of exterior lighting, exterior doors and grounds are conducted by the director of campus security each year.
  5. Operation Identification: The engraving of serial numbers or owner numbers on items of value takes place at a designated time and place on campus.
  6. Crime Prevention Publicity: Crime prevention articles and materials are routinely published in the weekly campus newspaper.
  7. Rape Awareness, Education and Prevention: In cooperation with the Student Life Development and the Center for Personal Growth and Counseling, presentations are made each year to the members of the campus community to promote their awareness of rape, acqauintance rape, and other forceable and non-forceable sex offenses.
Security Personnel
Title Name
Vice President for Student Development Dr. Deborah Cady Melzer
Director Mark Petterelli
Sergeant Jack Lawton
Sergeant Stepehn Bear
Sergeant John Haskell
Officer Albert Moore
Officer Robert Hodgson
Officer Jason Wallace
Officer Francis Clark
Officer Ricahrd Bailey
Officer David Sweeney
Officer William Esposito
Officer Scott Cooper
Officer Peter Nagle
Officer Katie Young
Officer Alan Overend
Officer Patrick Naylor
Officer Ann Park
Administrative Assistant Chelsey Taylor