College Committee for Environmental Sustainability

Le Moyne College 2010

carbon emissions = 11,477 MTeCO2/gsf

As a Jesuit college, Le Moyne's mission is to promote academic excellence and leadership, in service for and with others. As part of our mission, Le Moyne is proud to have reduced campus greenhouse gas emissions every year since 2003.  We are also inspired by the newly released document entitled: "Sustainablity and Catholic Higher Education: A Toolkit for Mission Integration," which confirms our efforts and adds new dimensions to the important issue of climate change and social justice. To read and download that document, please go to this link.

Le Moyne's College Committee for Environmental Sustainability (CCES) engages our extended community in responsible environmental stewardship. As conscientious world citizens, we:

  • work to reduce the negative environmental impact of all campus operations
  • contribute to knowledge about and understanding of the environment and its human dimension
  • seek ways to educate others about the environment.

Image above: Colorful handprints made by community members at a CCES event, pledging to adopt green living choices.


We are incorporating social, economic, and environmental sustainability goals into the OneLeMoyne Strategic Plan, while preparing to address campus issues of commuting and plastic water bottles, and considering membership in one of the many national and international groups that have formed around sustainability. We have drafted a green procurement policy for campus review. For details about other,
campus-wide achievements to date, please read:

Greening Le Moyne November 2010 (doc)




About the Committee  A greening intiative was organized at Le Moyne in Summer 2007. It became a formal College committee in January 2008, with representatives from faculty, staff, and students. The committee coordinates information about environmental sustainability both on-campus and beyond. To learn more and help out, please contact Cheryl Berardi, using the link at the right of this screen.

Projects & Events

Campus Carpool

The CCES encourages everyone to carpool when possible. It is good for the bank account and puts less stress on our environment. Below are some carpooling tips.

See the ride board and find out who is carpooling from your area.

Be fair: Establish cost-sharing rules and stick to them: who will drive, who will ride, if only one vehicle is used, and how to pay for fuel.

Be polite: Set pickup times, and don't be late. Inside the car: use covered beverage containers and don't smoke, eat, play loud music, or wear obnoxious scents. Don't stop along the way for errands.

Be safe: Have back-up plans regarding illness, vacation, and car troubles. Stay in touch with home, work and cell phone numbers. Check car insurance to see if policies cover car-poolers. Keep cars clean and well-maintained, and drive the speed limit.

NOTE: This service is provided solely to assist commuters in identifying potential car pool partners. Le Moyne College does not assess the suitability of individuals participating in any car pool programs and disclaims any liability in connection therewith.

It is solely your responsibility to notify your insurance provider of your intent to carry passengers and ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage to protect yourself and your passengers. Car pool rules obtained and modified from The Syracuse Post-Standard and the Web site www.carpool.ca.