Administrative Search and Selection Procedures

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The College recruits on the basis of qualifications for a specific job without regard to race, color, religion, marital status, national origin, sex, age, or the presence of any disability except where such is a bona fide occupational qualification.  The following summary of the policies and guidelines must be used in recruiting and hiring all full-time administrative position vacancies.

Exceptions to these guidelines require the prior authorization of both the appropriate Vice President and the Vice President of Finance and Administration.

Initiating a Search
The Office of Human Resources must receive a resignation letter from the supervisor for the employee being replaced before the search will be opened.  If a new position, must have approval of the appropriate Vice President(s) and President of the College.

The search committee chair must contact the Office of Human Resources before initiating a search.

Following that conversation, the search chair should obtain the appropriate signatures and submit the forms to the Office of Human Resources. The following must be received prior to commencing the search process: a revised job description (see below), the Administrative Personnel Request Form and the Advertising Request Form with ad copy. It will then be sent to the Vice President of Finance and Administration for approval.

Membership of Search Committee
Every committee must include at least one woman and, whenever possible, one person of color. If such composition is not achieved, an explanatory memorandum addressed to the Affirmative Action Officer must accompany the request. Please note that committee member appointments may not be made until the search is approved by the Vice President of Finance and Administration.

Current Job Description

In the case of administrative vacancies, supervisors should review and revise the job description defining duties, minimum qualifications, required special skills, and fields of expertise. A revised job description reflecting pertinent changes and revision date should accompany the search request.


All signatures must be obtained as directed on the Administrative Personnel Request Form prior to advertising the vacancy. The Office of Human Resources will obtain the Vice President of Finance and Administration's signature. Once approved, the Search Chair will be notified by the Affirmative Action Officer of its adequacy or of any recommended or required changes.

Advertising Requirements

Ad copy, including deadline for acceptance of resumes and number of references, is prepared by the Search Chair and the Office of Human Resources, and approved by the appropriate Vice President and Affirmative Action Officer. Administrative positions (Directors and above) will be advertised nationally in the Chronicle of Higher Education (on-line only) and in the Post Standard. All other administrative positions will be advertised in The Post Standard only.

In addition, the Office of Human Resources will prepare internal job postings and send notifications of position vacancies to a community/minority mailing list. All advertising and notices of position vacancies will include the appropriate Affirmative Action statement as listed in the Le Moyne College Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policies, and will be posted on the website.

The Office of Human Resources will place the full ad copy on our Le Moyne College website. The revised job description will also be attached as a link for candidate review.

Due to high advertising costs, the search chair is asked to work with the Office of Human Resources on developing a condensed version of ad copy for external publications. It will include language for candidates to visit the Le Moyne website for a complete position summary.

Screening and Selection Procedures

  • The search chair should schedule a meeting with Human Resources to discuss procedural options for resume retrieval and to plan the search process.
  • A set of criteria must be developed before the review of resumes are distributed to the search committee.
  • Affirmative Action - The search committee chair should arrange for the Assistant Director of Human Resources to meet with the committee in advance of the screening process to discuss the goals and objectives of Le Moyne College's Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Plan. Members of the search committee must also be acquainted with the lawful and unlawful questions during the interview process.
    • During this meeting, the search committee will also be informed of various methods to aid in the resume review process by Human Resources.
  • The search chair must notify the Office of Human Resources of the preliminary candidates chosen to visit campus. A salary screen will be conducted by Human Resources on each of the selected candidates before scheduling an interview.
    • Human Resources will distribute packets of information about Le Moyne College and the Syracuse area, as appropriate to all candidates chosen for interviews.

Candidates Visit to Campus
Please note that reimbursement will be issued ONLY for senior and middle level administrative candidates (Vice Presidents, Directors). Please discuss these arrangements with the Office of Human Resources for procedural guidelines.

Travel Expenses
The Accommodations Request form must be completed for Director and above level candidates. Please indicate if they will need travel arrangements or overnight accommodations. Candidates flying to Syracuse are required to use BTI Travel Agency to make their reservations. They must make their reservations at least 14 days prior to travel.

Once the candidates are given authorization, they may then call Wendy at BTI Travel at (315) 472-7737 or 1-800-472-7447. The agent must be told the candidates' name and that the travel reservations should be made under Le Moyne College.

If a candidate chooses to drive, the College will reimburse at the rate of 50 cents per mile. The mileage reimbursement should not exceed what would have been the airfare arranged through BTI.

The Administrators to Campus form must be completed for candidates under the Director level. Reimbursement for travel is not permitted for these searches.


  • Lodging at the corporate rate is covered for senior level administrators. This includes other reasonable expenses (e.g., local phone calls, breakfast and dinner) charged to the room. Reimbursement of expenses deemed excessive may be denied, such as long distance phone calls.
  • Each candidate may stay a total of three (3) nights.
  • The Search Chair should submit the Accommodations Request Form to the Office of Human Resources including name of candidate, search, check-in and departure dates for a reservation to be made.


Meals for the candidate and the host(s) are covered on the day of the interview only, although meals for the candidate will be covered during the candidate's visit and for other necessary time in transit. A maximum of three (3) employees may take the candidate out for one dinner and the cost per person (including tax and tip) must not exceed $50.00 and not to exceed $200 per dinner. Receipts need to be itemized and the number of dinners should be included for reimbursement to hosts. Expense reimbursement requests supported by original receipts should be submitted to the Office of Human Resources.

Other meal expenses incurred by the candidate(s) while visiting will be reimbursed to a maximum of $100 for three (3) days. Candidates are to be informed in advance.

Real Estate Tour

If the candidate(s) coming to campus is from out of town and is interested in learning more about the Syracuse area, the Office of Human Resources can arrange a real estate tour with an agent. Please complete the appropriate section of the Accommodation Request form and return to the Office of Human Resources.

PeopleWise Background Check

The Office of Human Resources will conduct a background investigation on the candidate that will be offered the position. A disclosure form needs to be completed authorizing Human Resources to conduct the check. During the final interview stages, please have each candidate fill out the Disclosure to Employment Applicant form with the Office of Human Resources, in the event that a background check needs to be completed.

Hiring Procedures

Intent to Hire: At the conclusion of the search process and prior to making an offer of employment, the search committee chair must complete the Record of Intent to Hire, attach the documents of the recommended candidate, obtain the appropriate signatures, and bring the form to the Office of Human Resources. Please do not complete the "Applicant Pool" section. The Affirmative Action Officer will notify the search chair of any difficulty with the recommendation. The forms will then be submitted to the Vice President of Finance and Administration for approval.

Once the approval from the Vice President and the results from the background check are received (if applicable), official offers of employment to the candidate will be extended to Vice Presidential candidates by the President and administrators by the Director of Human Resources.

Notification of Outcome: Interviewees will be notified of the final determination by the search chair or Office of Human Resources. In addition, the Office of Human Resources will notify all other candidates of the results of the search.

Document Retention: The Office of Human Resources is required to maintain recruitment documentation on all searches for a period of five (5) years. This requirement includes: the Personnel Request, Intent to Hire, advertising copy, a record of all contacts made for the purposes of recruiting applicants and all resumes and reference letters submitted for the vacancy. Proof of notification letters sent to individuals will also be retained in the search file.

Moving Expenses
Agreement for reimbursement of moving expenses should be established as a part of the employment offer and requires approval of the appropriate Vice President.

The College offers partial reimbursement for travel expenses to senior administrators (Vice Presidents and Directors). Limitations and options are described below.

The maximum moving allowance for household goods between point of origin and destination may not exceed 50% of the lowest of three quotes from separate companies. Copies of these quotes must be submitted with the reimbursement request.

The total amount reimbursed by the College may not exceed $2000.

If East End Moving and Storage, one of our local moving companies, is approved to be used, the payment will be billed directly to Le Moyne College.

If an employee chooses to move him- or herself by U-Haul or other conveyance, the College will reimburse the employee 100% for actual documented expenses supported by original receipts and mileage for the vehicle utilized in the move. This is subject to the $2000 cap.

Expenses for moving animals, camper trailers, boats, and other non-household items will not be reimbursed by the institution. Mileage will be paid for one personal car driven by employee or dependent.

The College will not reimburse an employee for additional personal property insurance over and above that supplied by mover to cover fair market value of goods.

Requests for reimbursement of moving and travel expenses should be made using the Statement of Expenses form on the Office of Human Resources' website.

The College administers the financial assistance for moving and relocation expenses according to the above policies and procedures. These expenses are included in gross income on the employee's W-2 at year end. Please consult current IRS regulations in reference to deductible amounts and limitations.

Exceptions to the above policy guidelines can be authorized only by the appropriate Vice President. Exceptions with budget implications must be authorized by the Vice President of Finance and Administration.