Office of the President

The president of the College ultimately oversees academics, student and residential life, finance, enrollment, institutional advancement and technology at Le Moyne. She and her staff ensure that the College is meeting its mission to provide students with a rigorous education in the Jesuit tradition that will prepare them for lives of leadership and service.

To accomplish this, the president works closely with Le Moyne’s board of trustees, which is responsible for the oversight of the College, and adopts rules, regulations and policies governing the institution.

In addition to working closely with the board of trustees, the staff in the president’s office oversees two of the College’s preeminent events -- the Mass of the Holy Spirit, which welcomes students and staff back to campus, and commencement – as well as numerous other on-campus events throughout the year.

The president also represents Le Moyne at numerous events across the country, establishing important relationships with alumni and other individuals and enlisting their support of the College.

Linda LeMura, President of Le Moyne College
Grewen Hall Room 322
(315) 445-4120



Alumni Association Board

The Le Moyne College alumni association board seeks to strengthen the bonds of loyalty and friendship among graduates and the College, and to cultivate alumni interest in and understanding of the College's objectives, programs and activities. 

Members of the board also encourage alumni to provide material support to the College, and advise College officials as appropriate.

In addition, the board maintains permanent records of all the College’s alumni in order to provide efficient means of communication The board uses College publications and a variety of programs to provide alumni with opportunities for continued educational growth.

Alumni association members are persons who hold degrees from Le Moyne College as well as all persons who have, at any time, been regularly enrolled as students and request membership. Honorary members of the association are: the current and former presidents of the College; the members of the Le Moyne College board of trustees and board of regents; the members of the faculty during their terms as teachers or administrators at the College and all those who hold honorary degrees from the College. Other honorary members may be nominated by the alumni association board.