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19th Annotation Retreats

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola at Le Moyne College

Encountering God…encountering you! 

You are invited to:

Encounter the living God and God’s presence in creation, your personal life story and current life circumstances.

Better discern your deepest desires to understand God’s call and presence in your life and in the world.

Become Contemplative in Action, experiencing more deeply the vision of “finding God in all things.”

What are the Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life?

The Spiritual Exercises grew out of Ignatius Loyola’s personal experience as a lay person seeking to grow in union with God and to discern God’s will.  He kept a journal as he gained spiritual insight and deepened his spiritual experience. Eventually Ignatius gathered these prayers, meditations, reflections and directions into a carefully designed framework of a journey which he called “spiritual exercises”.

For centuries these Exercises were most commonly given over a thirty-day period in solitude and silence. But Ignatius himself found that many people could not, because of family or business reasons, take thirty days off, leave home, and go away for a retreat.  So he created an adaptation of the Exercises, which would be extended over a period of seven to eight months.   This is what is known as a 19th Annotation   Retreat because Ignatius described this method of retreat in his 19th Annotation, or Supplemental Note, in the Spiritual Exercises. This journey with the Lord helps the retreatant to grow in spiritual freedom and the ability to find intimacy with God in the midst of everyday life.

Who will benefit from the Spiritual Exercises?

Those who desire to grow in their relationship with God.

Those who have a desire to live life at a deeper level.

Those who seek to understand more clearly God’s movements in their lives.

Those who want to discern the next step in their lives.

Those who are in transition.

What will be required of me, and some practical considerations for the 19th Annotation Retreat at Le Moyne College?


A daily meditative period of prayer.

A short period of reflection on my prayer experience, taking notes of the insights I have received.

Share with my director what has occurred in my prayers

Meeting once per week with my director.

Some Practical Considerations

The 19th Annotation Retreat will be offered with the support of and in collaboration with the college offices of Mission and Identity and Campus Ministry

Retreat directors will be Jesuits, religious and lay women and men who are experienced in the Spiritual Exercises.

 The actual director of the retreat is the Holy Spirit.  The retreat director is a guide to help and accompany the retreatant during the spiritual journey of the 19th Annotation Retreat.

The relationship of retreatant and director is privileged and confidential.  Private individual meetings of retreatants and directors will take place on campus.

The program will begin the week of September 15, 2013 and conclude in May 2014.

Does a retreatant need to be a Roman Catholic?

No. In addition to Catholics, people from Protestant and Orthodox traditions of Christianity have made the Exercises.   Since the purpose of the retreat is a personal encounter with God, in Christ Jesus, a level of comfort with the Christian tradition and Bible is foundational.   Formal affiliation with a Church is not required.   Adaptation of the retreat can be available for those from other spiritual traditions.

Information Sessions on the 19th Annotation Retreat

Meetings will be held on September 4  and September 5 from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m., in the Drescher Community Room of the Panasci Family Chapel.   At   these   sessions, a retreat director and former retreatant will be available to answer questions and share from their experience.  

Any who are unable to make the Information Sessions may contact Fr.  Dan Mulhauser, S.J.,  mulhaudj@lemoyne.edu , (315)445-4617,or Fr. Bill Dolan, S.J. , dolanws@lemoyne.edu,  (315)445-4110, evening 445- 4643,  for further information.