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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Communications Students Travel to the Big Apple

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"Now being that I am from Queens, I was so excited to be going back home for the day, but I did not expect to see or experience new things since I have lived in the city my whole life. So going into the trip, I just figured it would be a nice break from classes, but I was certainly wrong to say the least! Our trip consisted of two stops, Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and then we ventured over into Manhattan and we visited Madison Square Garden.

ImageLet me tell you that I have been to these two venues numerous times but this trip opened my eyes to a whole different side and view of the venues. At our first stop, Yankee Stadium we were taken up to all the exclusive parts of the stadium like the luxury suites. We were taken around all these neat suites and were told what is included if you buy a certain suite. The most expensive suites did not have hot dogs and hamburgers like I usually get when i go there but instead have champagne and lobster tail. The suites are decked out in Yankee decorations from Yankee rugs to Yankee balloons.  The suites were so well kept and we got a little glimpse into such a cool area of Yankee Stadium that I know I can say I will probably never set foot in again.  Our tour guides gave us many interesting facts about Yankee Stadium and all its differences from the old one. We also got to hear business facts about how the sales of these suites work and about who the potential buyers are and how the whole process works. I found that very fascinating because I never saw Yankee Stadium as a business place I always just saw it as a place to play baseball but this new view of the stadium was great to experience ! I learned a whole lot from just spending a few hours with our tour guides. As a group we all had a great time and we took a number of pictures in all the suites and outside near the field.

ImageShortly after our tour we got the chance to stop at the official Yankee store to make a quick purchase before we took the Subway into Manhattan.  After we purchased our Metro Cards we hopped on the M train and headed to Madison Square Garden. We arrived a little early so we grabbed a snack as we were all famished from not eating all day! We entered the Garden through the vip entrance where two men Jerrod and his associate met us to give us our tour. They were beyond friendly and they were great speakers and they gave the group such insightful advice on how to break into the business and on the importance of loving what you do. They shared their personal success stories and gave us very detailed facts about MSG and the sports side of it in addition to the business aspect as well. The best part was being able to sit courtside as Jerrod gave us pricing of the seats we were sitting near. Being able to be prettImagey much on the Knicks court was a surreal moment for me, since I have been raised in a die hard Knicks fan family. After Jerrod finished his speech,we were able to take some photos during the tour and at the end Jerrod had an open question and answer session with all us students. He was very eager to help us and urged us to stay in contact with him and he even gave one of the Professors his email to hand out to the group. He was a very enthusiastic man and he definitely made the tour an amazing experience for us all! After the tour at MSG we were allowed to roam and adventure around the city which was so much fun, speaking for myself and my friends we ran to get organic food and frozen yogurt and then we spent the rest of our hours doing endless amounts of shopping. Overall it was a very eye-opening trip and a great learning experience and I am so thankful that I was able to attend! After that trip I definitely became more interested in sports management and I definitely think that I want to incorporate that somehow into my career with Public Relations in the future. One trip, two tours and now more clarity into what I want to do as a job for the rest of my life."



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