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Thursday, February 07, 2013

A Day in the Life of Le Moyne Student Caitlin McGuire

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If you know Syracuse, you can tell ^this^ photo was not taken there!

"My name is Caitlin McGuire and I’m a senior at Le Moyne. I like telling stories using grand hand gestures, community service, Spanish, hot sauce, and music!

I hope to give you a perspective into what campus life is like here at Le Moyne through my blog. And I figured, for my first post, what a better way to do that than to take you all on a photographic tour of a regular day for me. This usually involves hitting snooze buttons multiple times, running from class to work to class, inevitably spilling food on myself, and laughing a lot. So if you want to delve in to my life-scroll on downnnnnnnnnnn!

7:15 A.M.- Hit the snooze button

7:30 A.M.-Hit the snooze button again

7:45 A.M.-Curse myself for hitting the snooze button too many times and hop out of bed!

My view while walking to class (building great calf muscles)

8:30 A.M.- Sprint to class!

During the day….I can usually be found in class or one of these places:

I know this may look like pictures of that hallway in Willy Wonka but this is one of the places where most of my favorite professor’s offices reside.  I’m a double major in Communications and Spanish, so when I have a question, concern, advice, etc…I know I’m always able to stop in and talk to my professors. See the crazy thing is, the teachers here actually CARE ABOUT YOU!

 an advanced PR group from the Advanced PR class meets with Gabriel Bol Deng of the Hope for Ariang Foundation in the Communications Office to discuss a PR project!

I am also a work-study student for the Office of Service Learning. We strive to integrate community service into professor’s curriculum that is suitable for the course. Our goal is to ensure the students gain and educational experience from doing community service, as well as serve the Syracuse community. My boss is Gloria Heffernan, when you come here you should meet her!!!

 Oh so business-like in the Office!

I also spend a lot of time at the den. Not only is the food yummy, but also the staff is hilarious and makes my day everyday!

This is Bernadette- she's a riot! Note the yummy hummus as well.

I also sometimes hang out in Campus Ministry. This is the place to go if you want to attend and/or participate in religious services, inquire about volunteering, retreats, alternative breaks, and much more! There is always a lot of good candy to be found and a lot of friendly faces.

 What a beautiful sunset, right?

Then, I might go to the gym (keyword: might) and take a fitness class, or go home and cook something that is good-ish for me.  Then, I may make it to the library and then try for a good night's sleep. When I know that's not possible, the Dunkin Donuts in our plaza is always a good option."


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