Connecting through Our Schools

Le Moyne students who are studying education also immerse themselves in the community. Prior to student teaching, they are required by state regulations to complete 100 hours of fieldwork in urban, rural and suburban settings. They tutor students individually and in small groups, teach part or all of a lesson, and grade tests and quizzes.

After they have completed this fieldwork, they devote one full semester as student teachers, spending seven weeks each at two different schools – and are observed weekly and supported by college supervisors. Le Moyne students are placed in public and private schools throughout Central New York, stretching from Rome in the east to Auburn in the west and from Oswego in the north to Cortland in the south.

Prior to their student teaching, the candidates work with their cooperating teachers in their schools for at least 12 hours each during the semester before student teaching. In addition, student teaching candidates are required to complete an application prior to taking their teaching methods course. They must also meet the following criteria:

•    Overall grade-point average of 2.7 or better
•    Grade of 'B' or better in key education courses
•    Education grade-point average of 3.0 or better
•    Demonstration of professional commitment

Students interested in becoming teachers and who are members of the L.E.A.D. service learning community have the opportunity to visit and teach in the schools of Dominca, an island nation in the Caribbean Sea. Donald Maldari, S.J., of the religious studies department and Patricia Schmidt of the education department work with Le Moyne students to prepare them for this memorable experience.