Meet Dana

How has the international community responded to genocide at different points in history? and what can we do to prevent future tragedies?

In true Le Moyne spirit, Dana asked herself those questions as she learned more about the ongoing crisis in Darfur. The result: a full-blown thesis that she presented as part of her honors work at Le Moyne.

“I started my thesis project by looking at how the world has responded in different cases of genocide,” says the English major. “We as a world need to do more to stop these crimes against humanity.”

Dana says her experiences at Le Moyne sparked a passion for social justice. As a junior, she spent a semester in South Africa, where she tutored young children living in poverty. “seeing people struggling to survive makes me much more appreciative of what I have,” she recalls.

As for the future, Dana plans to spend a year working in her native Jamaica, and then pursue a career in international human rights law. “There’s so much injustice in the world,” she says. “I’m only one person, but I can still try to make a difference.”

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