Mindy ’12

Majored in nursing
From Central New York


Applying for a research fellowship in the Foundation of the New York State Nurses Association

Why Le Moyne?

“I chose the dual degree partnership between Le Moyne College and St. Joseph’s College of Nursing because I wanted to be the best nurse that I could possibly be and, in my opinion, that program offered the best opportunity for me to achieve that goal. The faculty, curriculum and atmosphere that this Jesuit college offers is a one-of-a-kind.”

Best Part of Being a Dolphin …

“I have really learned who I am. I thought I knew who I was and how I was supposed to think when I graduated from high school, but after my four years at Le Moyne, I think differently. At Le Moyne, not only did I take nursing classes, but I took classes in religion, philosophy, English and literature, world civilization, sociology and psychology. My horizons have been broadened and I am a more diversified individual.”


What Now?

Employed as an R.N. at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center in Syracuse.