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About Our Program

The Le Moyne College Master of Business Administration (MBA) program strives to develop managers capable of making sound decisions in an increasingly complex world, and who combine the art and science of leadership in a global perspective. Today’s manager must be able to analyze everything from balance sheets to socio-cultural diversity. But analysis is hardly enough. He or she must also be able to think through a plan of action, then implement it. Le Moyne's Jesuit tradition stresses ethical and value analysis as well as oral and written communication skills.

Applying to the Program

Download an application and admission requirements for the MBA program.

All of the academic coursework needed for the MBA program is contained in the program. Applicants with little or no prior background in business, without a business or accounting undergraduate degree, or whose skills need updating, will find coursework available to meet their needs.

Small classes, typically meeting once a week in the evening (along with occasional Saturday offerings), encourage close working relationships among faculty, students and staff. All faculty are doctorally qualified and publish research or consult in their respective fields. As a result, students will participate in engaging and lively discussions, addressing the management issues of the 21st century.



MBA tuition is $778 per credit hour or $2,334 for each three-credit MBA course.
New students registering for the first time for the Fall 2015 semester must register through the MBA office by Aug. 25, 2015.

All other MBA students must register via the web through Webadvisor.

Students who have employer tuition deferral must send in their signed original Employer Tuition Deferral Registration form/prom note to the MBA office no later than Aug. 25, 2015 for the fall semester.
Students using student tuition deferral registration must submit their original form (PDF) with 50% down payment per course to the MBA Office no later than Aug. 25, 2015 for the fall semester after registering via the web.

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Ashley M. Casey

Communication and Spanish / 2012

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Sarah Chapman

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Ryan Bonk

physics / 2015

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Meet Our Faculty

Le Moyne attracts faculty who enhance the student-focused orientation of the College. Nearly all MBA faculty are full-time and have strong academic and professional backgrounds. Most have held management positions in the public and private sectors. They engage in research that supports their primary mission of teaching students at the leading edge of their respective fields. Faculty research finds its way into the classroom and thus enriches significantly the educational experience.

One of Le Moyne's strengths is strong student-faculty interaction. Faculty are available to work on projects, research and career plans. Faculty regularly attend conferences and development workshops to become more effective educators. As a result, the program dynamically responds to the changing needs of adult learners.


The total curriculum is 17 courses, 51 credits, of which a maximum of 7 courses, 21 credits may be waived or transferred. The capstone course BUS 750 is not waivable or transferable.


First, foundation courses encompass the elements of initial knowledge and skills required in management. Students can have some of these courses waived with prior background and coursework.
ACT 501 Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting
BUS 501 Business Communications
ECO 501 Economics for Managers
MIS 501 Management Information Systems
STA 501 Quantitative Decision Making


Second, core courses explore each of the functional areas of business separately, but always with an eye to their basic interdependence. Each of the nine courses includes values and communications in a global management environment.
BUS 601 Business Ethics
BUS 602 Environmental Influences in Business
BUS 603 International Business
FIN 601 Financial Management
HRM 601 Human Resources Management
MGT 601 Organizational Dynamics
MIS 601 Information Strategy and Management
MKT 601 Marketing Management
OPM 601 Operations Management


Third, elective courses, provide focus and in-depth understanding of functional and interdependent areas of management. Two courses (6 credits) are required. Here is a partial list of available courses. Other courses are listed in the Course Description section.
ACT 701 Federal Income Taxation
BUS 790 Special Topics: in Management
BUS 795 Internship
BUS 799 Independent Study
FIN 701 Investment Management
FIN 702 Financial Institutions and Markets
FIN 703 Corporate Risk Management
FIN 705 International Financial Management
HRM 702 Conflict Resolution
HRM 703 Legal Issues in the Work Place
HRM 704 International Human Resource Management
HRM 707 Staffing
HRM 708 Compensation
MGT 702 Total Quality Management
MGT 703 Leadership and Culture
MGT 704 The Business Venture: From start-up to public Offering
MGT 705 International Business Leadership
MGT 706 Leadership, Management, and the Humanities
MGT 708 Lessons in Leadership
MGT 709 Leadership, Power, and Influence
MGT 710 Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Communications
MGT 711 Leading Organizational Change
MGT 712 Self Assessment and Career Development
MIS 701 Database Management Systems
MIS 703 Systems Analysis and Design
MIS 704 Communications, Networks and Teleconferencing
MIS 706 Electronic Commerce
MIS 707 Risk Management in Large Scale Systems
MKT 701 Advertising Management
MKT 702 Marketing Research
MKT 703 Transportation and Distribution Systems
MKT 704 Health Care Marketing
MKT 705 Services Marketing
OPM 701 Management and Control of Manufacturing Systems
OPM 702 Cases in Management Science
STA 701 Forecasting


 Fourth, the capstone management course integrates various aspects of managerial decision making, values analysis, quality, culture, leadership and global management.
BUS 750 Strategic Management

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Here is the list of employers of our alumni and current students.

Anheuser-Busch Inc.
Axa Equitable
BNY Mellon
Booz Allen Hamilton
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Community General Hospital
Dairylea Cooperative
Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield
Knowledge Systems and Research
Legrand/Pass & Seymour
Liberty Mutual
Lockheed Martin
Morse Mrf. Co. Inc
National Grid
Novelis Corporation
Pall Corporation
Legrand/Pass and Seymour
Peerless Insurance
Pfizer, Inc
Pomco Group
Practice Resources, LLC
Progressive Insurance Company
Pyramid Management Group Inc.
Sensis Corporation
Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
St. Joseph's Hospital
Summit FCU
Syracuse FCU
The Hartford
Time Warner Cable
Welch Allyn Inc.
Young & Franklin Inc
Cooper Crouse Hinds
SRCTec Inc
The Post Standard

Admission Requirements and Application Process

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